11 Family-Friendly Memorial Day Getaways

Growing up in Florida, where cold months don't exist, my parents made it a tradition for us to go to Busch Gardens in Tampa for almost every holiday. And while each trip was special, one I remember in particular is the year we went to the popular theme park during Memorial Day Weekend. I'm not sure if I remember it so vividly because it was ridiculously packed or because of the incredible fireworks they set off at the end of the night, but that specific family-friendly Memorial Day getaway was one that I'll never forget.

As we got older and our schedules got a little busier, it became more difficult to arrange a family trip over the holidays. Although our family theme park trips during Memorial Day weekend became close to non-existent, we found other ways to celebrate and be together, be it a BBQ at home or traveling to the grave sites of our family members and friends who passed while serving our country.

Whether your family time is spent paying homage to fallen soldiers or hitting the road with your family, these 11 family-friendly activities are the perfect way to have some awesome family time during Memorial Day weekend.


Hit Up The Go Kart Track

Taking your family go kart racing is a great way to spend time together this Memorial Day weekend. To extend the fun, find a location that offers rides and an arcade, too.


Soak Up The Sun

If the sun is out, you can't go wrong heading to the beach for a family-friendly getaway.


Slip and Slide

The beach not an option? Try hitting your nearest waterpark for some fun in the sun with the family.


Live Among The Animals

Pile up the little ones and head to the zoo this Memorial Day weekend. Not only is it a fun adventure, but it's also a good way to learn more about animals and their habitats.


Visit An Amusement Park

Create unforgettable moments at your nearest theme park or take a road trip to one the family's been dying to go to for a weekend of excitement.


Head Outdoors

Looking to stay closer to home this year for the big weekend? Try heading to the nearest park for a picnic and games with the family.


Hit The Road

Road trips are always fun and a great option when there's a long weekend in effect. Whether you're going to visit family out of town or just looking to experience a new place, buckle the kids in and hit the road.


Honor Those Who Served

Both local and historical memorials are great options for a family-friendly getaway this Memorial Day weekend. Not only will the kids see the many men and women who gave their life defending our country, but if you're visiting family grave sites, it delivers a family history lesson as well.


Spend Some Time Inside

No memorial sites nearby? Try visiting a museum with the kids to keep them in the mode of learning during the holiday weekend.


Take A Staycation

When I was a kid, my parents would sometimes pack us a weekend bag and rent a hotel down on I-Drive in Orlando just to get out of the house. Although a staycation may not be as exotic as a vacation, staying locally can give the family an opportunity to see the gems that your own city has.


Go Under The Sea

Just like the zoo, the aquarium is both a learning experience and a good time all in one.