11 Fashion Tips For People Who Are Always Cold

No matter where I am, there's always of chances of me complaining of the cold multiple times. Since I was a kid, I've always had an issue with being cold all the time. My mom, who still keeps the air conditioner going year-round, has had a blanket on standby in the living room for me for more than 15 years. Knowing that I can get cold easily, I make sure I was always prepared for it. That's why having knowledge of a few fashion tips for people who are always cold is something that I am grateful for now.

Even now as an adult, I still find myself being super cold no matter where I go. Whether it be church or just a quick run to the grocery store, I have to be cognizant of my body temperature and ensure that I'm dressed the part. Don't think growing up in the south (where every day feels like summer) makes a difference either. To make sure I'm not cold wherever I'm going, I'll throw on a sweater in the dead of summer and be just fine with it. Although I'll have my moments when I complain about the heat, it's easier to take the sweater off to become cool then to sit in a restaurant and freeze half to death.

If you can relate to feeling like you've been popped in a freezer every time you're out and about, these 11 fashion tips will help you style yourself accordingly.


Dress In Layers

As a fellow freezing cold fashionista, I've found that stylishly dressing in layers helps me to get properly acclimated to whatever temperature I'm in.


Rock Maxi Dresses

If your legs are usually the part of you they gets coldest the quickest, rocking a maxi dress can help you keep them warm throughout the day.


Throw On A Dress With Sleeves

According to Popsugar, wearing a dress with long sleeves will suit all of your needs. Much like the above, it can help you keep the part of you warm that gets cold the quickest.


Drape A Stylish Jacket Over Your Shoulders

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Too hot to wear a blazer out during the day, but you know you're going to get cold later? Keep your 'fit fresh and yourself prepared by throwing the blazer over your shoulders.


Tie It Around Your Waist

A really popular fashion trend currently is tying shirts or bomber jackets around the waist to add to the day's outfit of choice. If you're one to get cold quickly, this trend will keep you warm, too. This libby silky MA1 bomber jacket ($44) from would be great to add to your closet.


Make Oversize Sweaters Your Friend

Popsugar noted that keeping an oversized sweater would come in handy for those that get cold quickly and is easy to throw in your bag when you get warm. Boohoo's Jade collarless duster ($35) is a good option.


Wear Relaxed Pants

Since I get cold extremely quick, wearing cargo pants that baggy and relaxed help me to stay warm because the extra space offers extra comfort.


Keep A Light Sweater Handy

I literally never go anywhere without having a light sweater. Perfect for the environments where it's not too cold, having a light sweater that won't make you too warm is great to wear all day.


Wear A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are some of my favorite fashion pieces that will never go out of style. Paired at any time of the year, denim jackets can be worn with the sleeves up for a warm day, and rolled down for the times where the temperature drops a little more than desired.


Opt For A Stylish Jumpsuit

Popsugar also wrote that women who are always cold can stay fashionable (and warm) in jumpsuits because it's one of the easiest fashion staples to have. This Fiona floral print cami wrap strappy jumpsuit ($44) from Boohoo can be a great look to stay comfortably warm in.


Fall In Love With Boyfriend Jeans

Not only are boyfriend jeans my favorite style of jean to wear, the loose fit enables me to wear the legs down at full length for a relaxed and warm feel or rolled up a few times for a way to let some air in.