11 Perfect Father's Day Gifts From Amazon

In general, it's pretty difficult to shop for a dad. They never need or want anything. Even if you think their old clothes, shoes, and belongings need replacement, any dad will tell you that "they're still perfectly good," and you shouldn't waste your money. But each June, Americans celebrate their dads and other fatherly figures on Father's Day, which means finding the best gift for dear old dad. If you've just started thinking of potential gift ideas, there are a number of Father's Day 2017 gifts from Amazon that any of the men in your life would love to receive. And, luckily, there's still time for you to have the right gift ordered, shipped, and delivered in time for Father's Day (which is June 18, by the way.)

Regardless of your dad's personality, hobbies, or profession, you can find and order the perfect gift on Amazon with only a couple clicks. You don't even have to leave your house, so there's really no room for that "I couldn't get to the store" excuse. From grilling gadgets, to golfing essentials, and more, you can find as unique or conventional a gift as you'd like on Amazon. Here are some ideas to help you get started.


'Guy Gourmet'

If your dad does most of the cooking in the house or wants to start doing more, Guy Gourmet is a great choice. The recipes come from some of the country's best chefs, which means you know they'll be a hit, plus, they're healthy. Win-win.

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Drill And Project Kit

Black + Decker Drill And Project Kit, $78, Amazon

Dad has always been Mr. Fix-It, but his tools are as old as you. Get him an upgrade with this Black + Decker Drill and Project Kit ($78). Maybe he'll even fix some things around your house.


Patio Cooler

Wooden Patio Cooler, $142, Amazon

Does your dad spend all of his free time out on the porch, deck, or patio as soon as the weather gets nice? If so, he needs this wooden patio cooler ($142) to keep all of his drinks cold. Whether he's sipping on water, soda, beer, or something else, it's sure to stay cool and refreshing.


Shaving Set

Royal Shave Razor Set, $120, Amazon

Pamper the guy who's been around since the early days with the Royal Shave razor set ($120). He'll feel like he's at a real-deal barber shop with a brush, razor, and all the accessories.


Dress Socks Set

Dapper Ganger Men Dress Socks, $39, Amazon

If your dad works in a buttoned up office environment, he'll love these whimsical dress socks ($39), which add a little fun to his relatively stuffy suits.


Smart Watch

Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch, $149, Amazon

The Fitbit Blaze smart watch ($149) is the ideal gift for the fitness fanatic father. It can tell time (of course), track his activity, map his routes, and more.


Golf Green Sandbox

Golf-Themed Mini Sandbox, $12, Amazon

If your dad relaxes by hitting a few rounds, he's sure to love this golf-themed mini sandbox ($12). Now he can practice his putting from the comfort of his office no matter the weather.


Outdoor Speaker

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell, $143, Amazon

Make yard work more fun this summer by giving your dad an outdoor turtle shell ($143). It's portable, mountable, and works using Bluetooth, so his music can go wherever he does.


Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker, $109, Amazon

Lots of dads like gadgets, right? This sous vide precision cooker ($109) certainly fits the bill. It attaches to the sides of whatever pots you already have in your kitchen, making it a snap to use. No need to pick up any other fancy equipment.


Tabletop Easel

Adjustable Table Easel, $33, Amazon

If your dad is the crafty type, this adjustable table easel ($33) is just what he needs. It's perfect for sketching or painting and he can store everything he needs right inside.


Grill Smoker Set

Wood Chip Smoking Gift Set, $50, Amazon

Turn your dad's grill into a smoker with this Wood Chip Smoking grill gift set ($50). The set comes with everything he needs for a summer full of the best barbecues ever.