11 Father's Day To Dad, From Their Daughters

If you consider your dad the best around, then you likely take Father's Day very seriously. It's you chance to really celebrate your father, his warmth, and his strength. Oh, and his sense of humor as well. The Father's Day memes from daughters to share with Dad may not be sappy or sentimental, but they are certainly funny. (OK, maybe one is a little sappy.)

The father-daughter bond is pretty magical. A good dad can serve as role model, guardian, and sounding board. Chances are, he has doled out advice on everything from middle school homework to mortgage information. When you need a bit of adult guidance (even once you're technically an adult yourself), then all you need is a minute to call your dad.

Whether your dad is funny, geeky, or tech-savvy, there is sure to be a meme on this list that suits your relationship to a T. Even if you already have a card and gift picked out, your dad would probably enjoy a little internet humor too. After all, his dad jokes shaped your sense of humor more than you care to admit. Read on to find the meme that sums up your own father-daughter bond.


For The Dry-Humored Dad


For The 'GOT' Fan


For The Ever-Patient Dad


For The Dad With Swag


For The 'Star Wars' Fan


For The Trekkie Dad


For The King Of Dad Jokes


For The Smart*ss Dad


For The Accurate Dad