11 Empowering Feminist Tees You Can Find At Target To Help You Smash The Patriarchy

On any given day, there is a 55 percent chance of a trip to Target. I probably buy at least a quarter of my wardrobe there, especially my t-shirts. Lately, they've been bringing their graphic tee A-game, and I can't get enough. My favorites are the ones with a great message, like empowerment and feminism, because I want to defeat the patriarchy but I also need laundry detergent. In Target, I've got a store that can do both. I've collected 11 feminist shirts at Target that you will inevitably end up wearing on a future trip back and literally everyone will ask you about.

There are a ton of graphic t-shirts on, and while a disturbing number of them seem to revolve around alcohol, there's also many that are empowering and bold in their message. Thankfully, there are shirts in both child and adult size, so that everyone is able to appreciate and rock the message. Although it's worth noting that they are targeted at people who identify as femme/female adults and children, and I would love to see more feminist shirts for people who identify as masc/male as well. Because women and girls aren't the only feminists that exist, and it's important to share that with everyone.