11 Feminist Valentine's Day Gifts That Promote Love & Gender Equality

Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday centered around patriarchal, oppressive relationship norms, so it can be hard to find feminist Valentine’s Day gifts. Finding a present that tells your feminist loved one that you adore them takes a little bit of creativity, but it’s totally possible — you just have to think outside the box.

Shopping in the weeks before Valentine’s Day may find you awash in sexism, pink, and chocolate (mmm, chocolate). If your special someone — be them long-term partner, casual fling, or good friend — isn’t into that kind of thing, it can be hard to find something that shows you appreciate them but doesn’t buy into antiquated stereotypes or offensive assumptions.

Generally, feminist gift shopping is about buying a gift for the person instead of the occasion. What do they like? What are they into? Instead of literally buying into tired stereotypes, find something that that aligns with your favorite person’s interests or aesthetic. Just because the holiday itself isn’t feminist doesn’t mean your gifts can’t be.

There are plenty of options for great gifts for feminist you love. They’re sure to love anything you buy them, if it comes from your heart, but here are some good places to start.


For The Person Who Loves Feminist Theory

Feminist Ryan Gosling, $6.96, Amazon

Feminist Ryan Gosling, is perfect for the person in your life who is always quoting high-brow gender theory that they learned in a college classroom. Everyone’s favorite celebrity boyfriend + Smashing patriarchy = Love.


For Your Little One

The Family Book, $5.99, Amazon

The Family Book celebrates families — and the love they share — in all their many forms. This book is a great way to teach your kid the sentiment behind the holiday.


For The Food Lover

A Girl Called Jack Cookbook, $17.27, Amazon

Cook a romantic dinner for you and your boo — that won’t break the bank — with a recipe from Jack Monroe's A Girl Called Jack. This cookbook is for people on a budget, and a portion of the proceeds go to local food banks in the UK. The feminist foodie in your life will thank you.


For The Person You ‘Netflix And Chill’ With

Snuggie Love Blanket, $19.46, Amazon

For those of you that actually watch Netflix and chill out when you say you will, why not buy your cuddle buddy a Snuggie “Love” Blanket so the two of you can stay warm on cold winter nights in front of the TV. (Bonus points if you have a matching one.


For Your Galentine’s Day Pal

Ovaries Before Brovaries T-shirt, $23.99, Look Human

Buy your Galentine this Leslie Knope Ovaries Before Brovaries shirt and have a wonderful Galentine’s Day with your favorite gal pals.


For The Misandrist In Your Life

Male Tears Mug, $13, Look Human

This “Male Tears” mug is perfect for drinking black coffee, black tea, or male tears. Buy this gift for the resident misandrist in your life who is rightfully sick of #MaleFragility


For The Cat Lady You Love

You Are The Cat's Pajamas T-Shirt, $24, Look Human

Does your friend love cats more than people? If yes, they are probably a great human? This “You Are The Cat’s Pajamas” t-shirt makes a perfect gift, and they won’t mind when it inevitably gets covered in cat hair.


For Your Crush

Smash the Patriarchy Pin, $2, Etsy

Ask your crush out with this “Will You Smash The Patriarchy With Me?” button. It will be sure to melt even the coldest feminist’s heart.


For Your Friend With Benefits

"No Means No" Ring, $12.50, Etsy

Hopefully your booty call is just as into consent as you are (if they’re not, ditch ‘em quick). This “No Means No” conversation heart ring is a sweet little statement piece.


For Your Bitter Valentine

Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter, $7.49, CraftShack

Instead of a box of chocolates, get the beer-lover in your life a six pack of this Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter. You can crack beers together, and have a great time.


For Yourself

Lush Cosmetics Rosie Gift Box, $36.95, Lush

Treat yo self! Self-love is the greatest love of all, and this Lush Cosmetics “Rosie” gift box is perfect for pampering yourself with floral bath products that also happen to be vegan and ecofriendly.

Images: esoterika/Flickr