11 Foods For Better Orgasms (Yes, Eating Can Be Even More Fun)

by Lindsay E. Mack

Certain foods, such as dark chocolate, have long been associated with romance. But can the right meal actually help you out in the bedroom? As it so happens, there are actually many foods that may help improve your orgasm.

The idea of eating your way to better lovemaking is not a new one. Some foods are historically infamous for their effects as an aphrodisiac; for instance, oysters have long been considered one such treat, and their reputation stems back to Roman times (according to Gizmodo). And a few ancient authors even recommended the consumption of skink to enhance amorous encounters, according to WebMD. (But don’t worry: I’m not about to suggest you dine on lizard bits.)

Nowadays, many studies have focused on the correlation between certain foods and their effect on libido and orgasm. Foods that increase blood flow, boost sex hormones, or even help muscle contractions are great candidates for the better-orgasm diet. Of course, you may need to experiment a bit to find the foods that work best with your body. But when “experimenting” just consists of eating delicious foods and seeing if they help your sex life, well, it’s hardly a sacrifice. Read on to find a few food combinations that just might help you snack your way to better orgasms. There is literally no downside.



Maybe Eve was on to something. A study in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics reported a potential correlation between daily apple consumption and better sexuality in young women. Although the exact cause was not identified, apples may help facilitate blood flow. Pass the Honeycrisp, please.



Almonds contain a large helping of zinc, which according to Dr. Oz's website, boosts testosterone levels, and, by proxy, your overall drive by blocking the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen.



Like you need another reason to buy a side of guac. Health reported that avocados are fabulous libido boosters because they contain minerals, monounsaturated fats, and B6 vitamins, which act as energy boosters. Additionally, their omega-3 fatty acid content may improve your mood.


Brown Rice

As Women's Health reported, the magnesium in brown rice helps your muscles contract during orgasm. So chow down on some pilaf if you want a better experience in the bedroom.


Chili Peppers

Like your peppers red hot? Look for dishes that contain spicy sauces made from chili peppers to kick-start your libido. According to Today, the capsaicin in chili peppers can help your body mimic the effects of arousal, such as increased heart rate and flushed cheeks.


Dark Chocolate

The taste alone is reason enough to enjoy decadent dark chocolate. But as Oprah's health and wellness site reported, dark chocolate helps boost the brain's dopamine levels, which helps increase your blood flow.



Harper's Bazaar reported that figs may help increase sexual stamina thanks to their amino acid content. And greater stamina often translates to more orgasms. It's just simple science, yo.



According to Redbook, honey is rich in the mineral boron, which helps metabolize the female sex hormone estrogen. It may also boost testosterone levels, which promotes orgasm in both men and women.



Salmon fans rejoice: eating fish may improve your orgasm. As NBC News reports, omega-3 fatty acids in fish boost dopamine production to give you greater orgasm potential.



If you're getting a special meal, it might pay to rock the lobster. As Women's Day noted, lobster contains sex-drive boosting mineral phosphorus. Bonus: the concentration of fatty acids may increase sex organ sensitivity.



Well, I have to mention the most notorious aphrodisiac of them all. As the Huffington Post reported, oysters contain amino acids that are linked to sex hormones. So order up some Oysters Rockefeller and see where the night takes you.

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