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Hannah Gets Real About The Windmill On 'The Bachelorette' & Twitter Is Living

Bachelorette viewers were happily scandalized when Hannah announced that she'd slept with a mystery man twice (in a windmill!) during Luke's elimination. She was able to assert herself and dismiss Luke's shaming attitude all in the same moment, which was supremely satisfying to watch. But Hannah leveled up when she revealed that she and Peter (the aforementioned mystery man) actually hooked up four times in the windmill. These 11 four times memes from The Bachelorette capture the fan reaction to Hannah's declaration.

During the first night of the Bachelorette finale on ABC, Hannah sat down with host Chris Harrison and explained that she had been "a little dishonest about something." She then dropped the four times bomb, right in front of Peter's parents and the entire studio audience. Everyone applauded, and Hannah insisted that Luke was a real catch even though she, personally, did not choose to catch him in the end.

In response, Harrison joked that "Luke P.'s heart just exploded," while Peter reasserted Hannah's previous claim that Jesus definitely still loved both of them. Meanwhile, fans on Twitter turned to gifs and memes to express their shock and admiration while cheering Hannah on from the audience. She's a Bachelorette who has certainly made her mark, if only for the fact that she has altered fan perception of windmills forever. No small feat.

That's Their Boy

I think what was perhaps more surprising than Hannah's announcement was the fact that she did it in front of Peter's parents, and they weren't bothered one bit.

Insert Macaulay Culkin Scream Face

But that is not to say that fans weren't taken aback by the number. Having sex twice in a windmill is already more times than anyone expects to have sex in a windmill.

Oh Really?

Some gif-based reactions were more subdued, however.

Quite A Few Times

It doesn't seem as though Luke P. has commented on the increased number, but this tweet has tried to predict his reaction anyway.

Mind Blown

Quite a few Twitter users used memes to imagine Luke's response, most assuming his mind would be completely blown by the news. If he was shaken by hearing Hannah had had sex at all, learning it was twice, and then four times would probably make him have to sit down.

You Have To Laugh

After the shock wore off, though, only the laughter could remain.

I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up

Though for some, the surprise was just too much to take.

Okay, That's Unexpected

Peter's parents are surprisingly chill. Some Twitter users may not have agreed with their enthusiastic reaction, however.


But still others found it surprisingly nice. Celebrate your kids' accomplishments whatever they may be, I guess.


If a windmill was that lucky for Hannah, it stands to reason that the same could be true of anyone else. Perhaps windmills are successful aphrodisiacs, just like oysters and chocolate.

Thumbs Up

And in perhaps the most fitting Twitter reaction of all, this user used a photo of Buddy Christ from Dogma to support Hannah's assertion that yes, Jesus was totally fine with her living her life.

If nothing else, Hannah will always be remembered as the Bachelorette who bleeped in a windmill four times. And that's amazing.