11 Free Things To Do In The Summer With Kids, Because It’s A Long Break

Keeping your kids entertained all summer is quite the chore, because the months of June, July, and August can feel like they drag on forever. Thankfully, the free summer activities for kids are here to give you and your family some fresh new ideas. Sometimes these simple, spontaneous activities are the ones that make the best memories.

Sure, your kids would probably love to spend the entire summer living inside the gates of Disney World, but the family budget only goes so far. You don't have to spend loads of cash to keep the little ones happy, though. Finding new activities in your town or even the living room can make the summer days fly on by.

For the most part, it's great to keep an open mind and use any free resources your city has to offer. Even if you live in a relatively quiet area, there's probably a cool local arts scene or new hiking trail to discover nearby. The summer is also a great time to help your kid catch up on reading or learn an entirely new skill. So lean in to the long days and make the most of summer fun with a little imagination and adventure.


Tour A Nearby Town

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Chances are high you already know your own town by heart. So just travel to the next city over and do a little touristing, because it's always pleasant to have a change of scenery. Simply exploring a new playground will probably delight your kids.


Take A Puddle Walk

Think of all the time you spend trying to keep your kids out of puddles. Well, take the opposite stance one day this summer. After a rainstorm, put your kid in some rain boots and take a puddle walk around the neighborhood. Encourage your little one to splash in any and every puddle along the route.


Learn The Constellations

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This is one skill your kid can might remember for years and years. Take some time to study a book about the constellations, then go outside on a clear night and try to identify the shapes in the sky. Maybe your kid can learn to tell Orion from Ursa Major in no time. It's also a great entryway into more discussions about mythology, as well as the scientific workings of the cosmos.


Catch Fireflies

If you're lucky enough to live in an area with fireflies, AKA lightning bugs, then spend an evening or two enjoying their light show. Let the kids chase them around, or just watch them from afar to let the bugs live in peace.


Cook A Meal Together

Even if you kid is still super young, it's always a blast to play around in the kitchen. For an easy entrance into the culinary world, check out the illustrated guide to baking with your kids for help, as noted on Romper. Simply making a little dessert together is a blast.


Have An Indoor Beach Day

Sure, kids love everything about water parks and the beach, but you probably don't get a chance to visit these spots every single day. So if the weather or time doesn't allow for it, just throw an indoor beach day in your living room. Blow up some beach balls, break out the pool noodles, hang out on towels, and enjoy. Your kids will still have a blast.


Join A Summer Reading Program

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When it comes to free entertainment and air conditioning, look no further than your local library. Most offer summer reading programs specifically for kids, with fun skits, games, and prizes on hand to reward reading.


Build A Fort

Go all-out with fort day. Take the cushions from the couch, drape blankets over chairs, and let the kids get as creative as they want. Your budding architects will love the chance to make their own dwelling spaces.


Go To Free Concerts

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Many communities offer free concerts during the summer months, often in a local park. Go with your kids to check it out. The local talent just might surprise you.


Tell Campfire Stories

Even if you aren't actually in the middle of the woods, it's always fun to tell campfire stories. Wait until dark and tell the folk tales by light of a flashlight.


Enjoy Local Museums

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Check out your local museums for free entry days. You and your family can enjoy the work of local artisans, or learn more about your town's history. Whatever activities you get up to this summer, enjoy the time with your kids and the awesome memories you're making.