11 Fun Old-Fashioned Social Activities We Should Bring Back

If your social activities are primarily going out for drinks, getting together for brunch, or watching something on Netflix, it might be time to shake things up a little bit. There's nothing wrong with your old standbys, necessarily, but there are also so many other things you could be doing that are fun and a little bit different. Just because they're things that you used to do or things that you associate with older generations doesn't mean that you should disregard them entirely. There are a ton of fun old-fashioned social activities we should bring back that'll not only give you something out of the ordinary to do on a Friday night, but also ensure that you have fun while doing it.

Doing something you don't normally do can also help you connect with people in your life in different ways. Maybe you and your friends always do things that don't particularly require you to do a lot of talking. Spending time together doing something that leaves lots of time for long conversations would be something new and different for you. And if you don't know people very well and are hoping that doing things together will help you form some new relationships, a more structured activity that has some built-in topics of conversation can really help. Breaking out of your routine and trying new things (even if you've done them before, but it's been awhile) can inject a little bit of fun into your social life once again.


Catch A Movie Under The Stars

Watching a movie underneath the stars, whether it be on a blanket, in a seat, or in your car, might not be something that you do all that often, but can be a new twist on an old standby. Plus, if you set it all up yourself, you can watch whichever movie you'd like. No need to settle for something you don't enjoy.


Take A Drive

This might not be a great choice for someone who gets car sick, of course, but for everyone else, it can give you an opportunity to chat and explore. Monica Parikh, a dating and relationships coach, told Bustle that conversations are kick-started when you're sitting next to one another, so it'll be sure to help strengthen (or form) a connection.

Pick a new part of town, a fun activity that's a bit farther than you'd normally go, or even run errands if you don't like the idea of driving without a destination in mind.


Organize A Field Day

Field days are pretty common when you're younger, but they're way too much fun to forget about completely as you grow older. Gather a group of friends or family, divide up into teams, plan lots of outdoor games, and make a day of it. There's nothing wrong with getting just a little bit competitive.


Go Bowling

If you can't remember the last time you went bowling, it's time to plan another outing. Glamour reported that bowling even has some health and fitness benefits. Win-win.


Have Friends Over For A Game Night

Game nights are the perfect excuse to break out the board games or pull out plenty of markers and pens. Maybe make it a regular thing, rotating locations and switching up teams. Plus, if there are any friends in your circle that you don't know quite as well as the others, working as a team is sure to bring you closer together quickly.


Host A Cookout

Not all social activities have to be active or super structured. A laid-back cookout at your place or the nearest park can be just as much fun. If you're worried about putting too much of the burden on a few people, make it a potluck. It's casual, so there's no pressure, but you're still able to have plenty of fun together.


Work On A Craft

Learning something new is good for your brain, and even picking up a new craft and getting creative can give you a boost. Berkeley Wellness noted that research has found that crafting can boost your mood and reduce stress. Get some friends together, lay out some snacks, and pick a craft.


Plan A Short Road Trip

Road trips don't have to be long and involved. Even a short day trip to somewhere relatively near by can be something fun and different. Fill the car with your closest friends or just bring your partner along. Explore a new city and still be back in time to sleep in your own bed that night.


Explore A New Neighborhood

If you live in a big city, you definitely don't have to go far to find something new. There are probably plenty of neighborhoods that you haven't explored much of yet. Get off the train at a new stop, pick a restaurant and then explore the neighborhood around it, or just take a walk. There are lots of ways to see something new.


Find A Fun, Quirky Museum

You don't have to go to the biggest or most popular museum in town for a fun and unique day. Find a smaller, quirkier museum near by and check that out instead. Bring along someone who's up for anything.


Pack A Picnic

A picnic might not seem all that much fun, but it lets your group do your own thing. Eat what you want, when you want to, play games, relax in the shade, whatever you prefer. Not only that, but Business Insider reported that there are actually some science-backed benefits to taking a break outdoors.

Changing up your typical social routine can seem like challenge, but with some of the fun old-fashioned social activities that are just asking to be brought back, it doesn't have to be as complicated as you might think.