11 Funny April Fools’ Day Pranks To Try

April Fools' Day is my least favorite holiday, and it's probably because I'm always getting pranked. Every year, I tell myself I'm not falling for anything anyone tries to pull over on me, but I always end up being a part of someone's joke. Though some of the jokes people play are actually kind of funny, I always find myself feeling let down because I can't believe I'm tricked every single year. So, this year I made a point to find some funny April Fools' Day pranks of my own.

The way I figure it, no one would really expect me to pull a prank for the day, which means it's easier for me to make it happen. The only issue with pulling a prank is wanting it to be something memorable. There's no point in doing it if you're not going to do it big, right? This year, I want my pranks to be one that people will try to pull on someone else for the following year. That's how you know you've successfully nailed April Fools' Day.

If you're like me and need a few ideas to deliver a great prank, these 11 April Fools' Day pranks are all solid options.


Sleep Swapers

According the website The Today Show, a great prank to pull on the kids would be the sleep swappers prank. To accomplish this, all you have to do is pick them up while they are sleeping and move them to another room. When they wake up in the morning, they'll wonder where they are and how they got there.


Easter Candy Prank

Mashable made reference to the Easter candy prank, which requires you to first hallow out some chocolate. Then, fill the inside with mustard or any other condiment not usually paired with chocolate and let the games begin.


Ice Cream Sundae Prank

One of the worst pranks that can be pulled for ice cream lovers would be LifeBuzz's ice cream sundae prank, which requires you to replace your ice cream with mashed potatoes and your chocolate with gravy/


Cereal Shocker

Need a new prank to pull on the kids? According to Parents, the cereal shocker would be a good one to pull this April Fools' Day. All you need to do is fill up their cereal bowl like usual, but put it in the freezer the night before. When they sit down for breakfast the next morning, they'll be met with a frozen bowl of cereal and milk.


Jello Juice

Though this prank is super tasty, it's still one that can be frustrating. The website for The Today Show noted that a good family-friendly prank to pull would be that of the Jello juice prank. Fill up your kids cups with jello and watch them struggle to get a sip in.


Season The Moment

According to The Huffington Post, you should let your roommate or family member marinate while in the shower. To make this happen, remove the shower head, put some bouillon in, and listen to the confusion start.


Chocolate Onions Prank

To pull the the chocolate onion prank, The Huffington Post noted that you have to take a smaller onion, dip it in some chocolate and throw some decorations on top. Whoever takes a chomp out of it will be sure to get you back in the worst way possible.


Taped Air Horns

Ready to wake up the office? LifeBuzz noted that you should tape an air horn behind the door so that, when people open it, it will sound off.


Bath Time Fail

If you want to frustrate one of the people you live with, try pulling Parenting's bath time fail prank. All you have to do is paint a bar of soap with clear fingernail polish and let it dry. The soap will no longer be able to sud, and everyone will have so many questions.


Toothpaste Takeover

Though this one might ruin the first few hours of their day, Buzzfeed noted that a good prank is to put food coloring in someone's toothpaste. It will work even better if the food coloring is the same color as the bristles of their toothbrush.


Meatloaf Surprise

Know someone that loves sweets? As noted in Parents, you can pull the meatloaf surprise prank by making a meatloaf cake and substitute the icing with mashed potatoes.