11 Funny Halloween Costumes For Babies

If it's your baby's first Halloween, there's no excuse not to go all out. Even though they won't remember how great they looked, there will be ample photo evidence to embarrass (I mean, impress) them with later in life. As your child grows up and is old enough to choose their own costumes, they'll probably opt for the more popular — and honestly, kind of boring — choices like Princess Elsa or Captain America. But when they're tiny, babies are kind of at your disposal as far as costume hilarity goes. Finding or making funny halloween costumes for babies is the oldest trade in the new parent book, and it's not going out of style anytime soon.

From your favorite food items, to popular TV show characters, to old men, there's nothing that a baby can't pull off. And you'd better take advantage of it now because when your child grows up I can pretty much promise you that dressing up like a taco or a garden gnome isn't going to be top on their list.

Aside from getting a smile out of most of these costumes, they're genuinely clever options for your little one's first Halloween. Whether you choose to DIY it, or go with a store bought option, your baby will be the hit of your block with these funny costumes.


Baby Taco

Taco Baby Costume, $40, Amazon

Take your love of tacos to a whole new level with this taco baby costume from Amazon. There are sizes from six to 18 months, ensuring that your little taco will be well outfitted this Halloween.


Thing 1 And Thing 2

Thing One and Thing Two Costume, $55, Pottery Barn

If you have twins, there's no excuse not to dress them up as Thing One and Thing Two from Dr. Suess's Cat in the Hat. You can use a red onesie, and make the signs either by drawing it on a piece of paper or printing it off. You can also buy little wigs, or the whole Thing One and Thing Two costume from Pottery Barn.


Viking Baby

Bearded Viking Costume, $10, Party City

Putting your harmless baby in a ferocious red-bearded viking costume is as hilariously adorable as it sounds.


'80s Aerobics Instructor

Neon Tights, $5, Target | Onesie, $10, Baby-n-Toddler | Leg Warmers, $10, Kohls

As awesome as it is, this costume is actually super easy to DIY. All you need are some neon colored baby tights, a onesie, some leg warmers (which you can buy or make by cutting the legs off of a pair of pants), and a headband. Done and done.


Garden Gnome Baby

Garden Gnome Costume, $51, Just Kid Costumes

There's something about small babies dressed as old men that's endlessly hilarious. This baby sized garden gnome costume is no exception.


Baby Hotdog

Hotdog Costume, $25, Target

Because obviously dressing your baby up like food is the only acceptable route. You can pick up this tiny hotdog costume from Target.


Baby Inmate

Orange Onesie, $6, Shirt Space | Black and White Striped Onesie, $12, eBay

An orange onesie or black and white striped one is all you need to have your baby dress up as someone whose had "nine months on the inside."


Bachelor, Bachelorette, And Rose Costume

If you have triplets, or two other baby friends for your little, this DIY bachelor costume from The House That Lars Built is pure perfection.



Bacon Costume, $16, Fantasy Toyland

Enough said. You can buy your baby a bacon costume from Fantasy Toyland.


Mini Elvis

Elvis Costume, $12, Walmart

Your baby will be looking as smooth as the king himself in this Elvis baby costume from Walmart.


3 Blind Mice

Another great option for friends, multiples, or even your baby and older kids, is this three blind mice costume from The House That Lars Built. It's simple to make and even more hilarious to watch fall into place.