11 Funny Pregnancy Costumes That Make The Most Of Your Baby Bump

Although every person should be able to love their body throughout every stage of their life, many women—myself included—only feel that kind of freedom when they're pregnant. I know I always struggled to embrace my midsection before, during, and after becoming a mother. Yet, once my bump looked more legit and less like a food baby, I was confident enough to wear form-fitting clothes. That's why a lot of expectant mothers take advantage of their changing body and dress up for fun on Halloween. So you might consider wearing funny pregnancy costumes that make the most of your baby bump.

Whether you go all out or you prefer a more subtle wit, All Hallow's Eve is the perfect excuse to wear things you normally wouldn't in everyday life. Besides, out of your entire life, pregnancy will most likely take up only a small portion of that time. So why not make the most of it? Plus, you'll have great pictures to show and memories to share with your children when they're older.

So no matter what your taste in style is, check out these hilarious Halloween costume ideas for expectant mothers that will totally inspire you to create your own iconic look.



It's no surprise baby bumps are frequently compared to sports balls due to their roundness. So why not take advantage of the comparison and turn your stomach into a basketball? All you need is a picture of a basketball for reference, some non-toxic orange body paint ($5) and a black makeup stick ($3) to turn your bump into a ball.


Fairy Soon-To-Be Mother

Everyone has heard of the fairy godmother, right? Well why not put a fun, pregnancy-inspired spin on things with this fairy mother-to-be outfit ($40) and celebrate these magical maternity moments.


Baby Escape

Though not necessarily an idea for those who are squeamish, you can use a white t-shirt ($6), a baby doll ($13), red fabric dye ($5) for fake blood around the escape area, and a pair of scissors to cut an opening near your bump for your pretend baby to make its exit.


Bun In The Oven

You can get really literal with things and wear a bun in the oven costume ($27) as a nod to the popular saying about pregnancy.



For anyone who's wondering what your insides might look like with a baby in there, give them some insight with a faux maternity x-ray costume ($20) and play up the spooky skeleton aspect.



All you need to look like a real-life Juno is an army green hooded-jacket ($18), a striped top ($9), a plaid miniskirt ($15) to go over a pair of worn-in jeans from the back of your closet, and a pair of plaid Chuck Taylors ($31) to complete the look.


Rosemary's Baby...?

This super creative idea comes from the RandomThingsToWant shop on Etsy and all you need to give the illusion that you're carrying something not of this world is to insert the baby hands and face props ($14) under any shirt.


The Death Star

You'll have people saying, "that's no moon," when they see you rocking this Star Wars-inspired Death Star maternity costume ($8). A simple download to print out and apply to any shirt, and you're ready to go.


Pregnant Padme

Speaking of Star Wars, a famously pregnant character (nerd/spoiler alert) was Luke and Leia's mom, Padme Amidala. Channel your inner galactic goddess with this Padme costume ($36).



Embrace pumpkin season for all it's worth with this Jack-O-Lantern maternity costume ($22) and have a good laugh about how your stomach bears a striking resemblance to the holiday gourd. You could also buy an orange beanie ($6), a large, orange shirt ($12), black leggings ($6), a Jack-O-Lantern stencil ($8), and black fabric paint ($5) to do the look yourself.


Mummy Mommy

A fun play on words, you can don a Mummy Mommy costume ($52). Bonus? You can pretend you're dedicated to the role and just take a nap whenever or wherever you want.