11 Funny Secret Santa Gift Ideas For That One Jokester In Your Life

With Christmas just a few weeks away, now is definitely the time to start picking up gifts for the people on your list. When it comes to friends, everyone usually has one particular friend that falls in the category of being a jokester. Whether they love to tell jokes, make people laugh, or pull a few pranks, you're probably stuck with them for the rest of your life. So, if you and your team are planning to exchange gifts this year, keeping a list of funny Secret Santa gift ideas handy will help you out when it's time to shop.

Not only is giving a funny Secret Santa gift to the jokester in your life cool, it's also a good idea for someone that literally has everything. Take my dad for instance; he's a man that literally asks for nothing. Now, I'm not sure if it's because he gets it all for himself or if he just never wants anything. But throughout my entire life, I've never heard him ask for anything other than food. Even though I'm always a little anxious about giving him gifts, when my siblings and I get him a funny gift, he always cherishes it and makes use of it.

So, if you're not sure what to get the joke lover in your life or even just the person who has everything this year for Christmas, these 15 gift ideas might be able to help you out.


Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Donald Trump Toilet Paper, $6, Gag Gifts

Know a friend or two that may still be a little down post election results? This Donald Trump toilet paper gift will be the perfect for them.


Big Dill T-Shirt

"I'm Kind Of A Big Dill" T-shirt, $6, 6 Dollar Shirts

Boost your jokester friend's ego up a few notches with this "I'm Kind Of A Big Dill" t-shirt.


Flipping Funny Talking Grill Spatula

Flipping Funny Talking Grill Spatula, $21, Amazon

Need a gift for the laughing cook in your life? The flipping funny talking grill spatula is just the gift you need.


Face Mugs

Face Mugs, $35, Uncommon Goods

Not only are these face mugs ($35 for a set of two) guaranteed to bring a smile, they're also pretty dang efficient, too.


Selfie Toaster

Selfie Toaster, $30, Amazon

Need a gift to give the jokester that has everything already? Give them the gift of themselves with the selfie toaster.


Anti-Theft Ziplock Bag

Lunch Bugs Lunch Bags, $10, Amazon

Help your gift receiver keep their lunch away from the vultures at work with these lunch bugs lunch bags.


'Passive Aggressive Notes' by Kerry Miller

Passive Agressive Notes, $10, Amazon

Everyone has that one moment where passive aggressiveness is totally acceptable, and Passive Aggressive Notes is a hilarious look into those times.


Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Happy Man Bottle Stopper, $11, Amazon

If the happy man bottle stopper isn't worth a big LOL, I don't know what is.


Superhero Knee Socks

Superhero Knee Socks, $9, Amazon

Remind your funny friend just how unstoppable they are with a pair of superhero knee socks.


Corrective Grammar T-Shirt

Corrective Grammar T-Shirt, $17, Amazon

Have that one friend that puts grammar over everything? Then this corrective grammar t-shirt will be great for them.


Wine Bottle Glass

Wine Bottle Glass, $10, Bed Bath and Beyond

There's no such thing as too much wine and this wine bottle glass proves it.