11 Funny Thanksgiving Facebook Captions That Show The Chaos is Real

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and that means one thing: your social media feeds are about to blow up with pics of perfect holiday meals. Images of elegant table settings, juicy turkeys, and smiling families will be everywhere. Meanwhile, your own table is piled with bills, and you've somehow managed to set a can of cranberry sauce on fire. At times like these, it's refreshing to check out the funny Thanksgiving Facebook caption ideas that highlight the holiday's true side. In reality, plenty of people experience at least a little bit of holiday chaos alongside their turkey and gravy.

Seriously though: holidays like Thanksgiving have always been a little stressful, but the expectations are ratcheted through the roof when social media enters the picture. What was once a pleasant (or sometimes straight-up bonkers) gathering of friends and family has basically become a piece of performance art to some social media mavens. So many people try to show their table has the most food, the best company, and the most perfect decorations around. You'd swear they photographed the mashed potatoes with a ring light.

I'm sure plenty of people attend gatherings like those, but the Thanksgiving celebrations in my part of the world have always been a little less than perfect. We follow recipes that have been handed down through generations for no apparent reason, and most of which are made with questionable ingredients. For example, canned pear halves with mayonnaise topped with cheese squired from an aerated can. There's another dish that combines marshmallows, Cool Whip, and canned pineapple we have the nerve to call a "salad." And then there's the fancy appetizer of sliced celery with pimento cheese. Were these recipes the result of wartime rations or weird food fads from the 1950's? I don't know and I don't get it. The point is: not everyone's family meal is some perfect staged event, and that's OK.

That's why it's important to take a step back and reflect on the holiday and what it means to you in particular. So what if the pies get a little burned, or the conversation gets super political super fast? It's OK. By drawing inspiration from real-life Facebook updates and quotable moments from fiction, your holiday Facebook posts can be the most down-to-earth and humorous of all. Seriously: everyone needs a laugh this time of year.


"This is not too much food. This is what we've been training for our whole lives." — 'Gilmore Girls'

Thanksgiving dinner isn't about gluttony. Really, it's a challenge.


"Can't find the giblets inside the turkey and I looked everywhere." — Jimmyd N Brandi

Even the best cooks get a little flustered on Thanksgiving. Essentially, everyone is going to forget the giblets inside the bird at least once. It's a holiday rite of passage... right? If you experience a Thanksgiving fail half as good as this, don't hesitate for a moment to share it with your FB friends.


"What does a sweet potato wear to bed? His yammies." — Denise Salvino

I am so here for holiday jokes. Is it really Thanksgiving if someone doesn't make a dozen food puns? Come up with your silliest turkey joke and set it as your status.


"Well kiss my giblets! It's Thanksgiving time." — Robert Shreve

How have I gone through life without ever hearing this delightful phrase? This year, everyone who dislikes my cooking can kiss my giblets.


"I need you to eat rocks." — Jim Henson's 'Turkey Hollow'

So I haven't yet seen this 2015 Thanksgiving film with puppets, but this GIF alone is amazing, and this quote is totally random, but it's probably the type of thing you'll say one you've reached the delirious state from all that food you gobbled.


"Just ordered my Thanksgiving turducken. Looking forward to National Day of Gluttony." — Bruce Cronlund

True story: When I first heard about turducken, I thought it was some wonderfully fancy dish. In reality, it's just a whole lot of meat, in which a chicken is in a duck in a turkey. If you're lucky enough to have one of these — or any other ridiculous dish — at your gathering, mention it to your Facebook family.


"I came in like a Butterball." — (Not) Miley Cyrus

Is the joke a bit outdated? Yes. Is is still pretty great? I think so.


"I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that as we get into November, the term "spatchcocking" will be showing up a lot." — Bryan Boulton

You'd think I would be mature enough to recognize "spatchcocking" as a culinary term, but reading it always makes me crack up. Posting something about spatchcocking is sure to get a laugh (from me at least).


"Eat me!" — 'Addams Family Values'

Admit it: You think about this scene every Thanksgiving anyway. Why not share the quote with everyone else on your feed? Also, there's got to be one youngster who is willing to don a Turkey costume and run around screaming this phrase all day.


"As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." — 'WKRP in Cincinnati'

It's an old clip, sure. But WKRP in Cincinnati's clip about falling turkeys is one of the funniest bits of Thanksgiving comedy ever. And you probably have one or two distant relatives who thought the same thing.


"Thanksgiving fail: roasting pan didn't fit in the oven, so I'm cooking the bird on top of a muffin pan. It'll work, right?" — Robin Goldman

To be honest, I don't consider this a Thanksgiving fail at all. It's genius.

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