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These 11 Gag Gifts For National Brothers Day Are Perfect For Pranks

Whether it's the Wright Brothers inventing the aircraft, the Gallagher brothers forming the band, Oasis, or Luke, Owen, and Andrew Wilson just being an awesome trio, one thing's for sure: when brothers put their heads together, great things happen. It's just that sometimes these great things turn out to be pranks. Below I've rounded up 11 gag gifts for National Brothers Day, which falls on Sunday, May 24 this year.

Whether you're looking for a way to prank your sons (look no further than the fake video game), your daughter needs the perfect gift for her brother to show she appreciates him, or you're hoping to find a present that can be shared among brothers, these gag gifts are a guaranteed hit. As you'd expect, the options include a heavy dose of potty humor and fake bugs, which may be worth it if it keeps your sons occupied and happy. Just remember, it’s the unofficial duty of sons everywhere to prank their parents, so even if you purchase the gift, you’re still probably going to end up stepping in a pile of fake poop or finding a cockroach in your shoe. But that's part of the fun, right? Read on for 11 gag gifts perfect for National Brothers Day.

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Fart Ninjas

Few things are funnier than farts for brothers, especially when they come from tooting ninjas. Batteries are included with all Fart Ninjas (there are six distinct characters to choose from on Target's website) and the figures have a motion sensor that, well, farts, if someone walks by. Get ready for total "gassassination" as the website says.


A Gross Silly Putty

For kiddos 4 and up, you could give the gift of fake poop (yes, to some children this is a treasured prize). For a realistic look, this gag gift has corn kernels in it (GROSS). If you'd rather not get your sons matching gifts, Silly Putty's Ugly Putty line also offers a vomit putty which, and I'm so sorry, includes "undigested tomato chunks make of silicone" per Crayola's website. But they're probably still going to argue about who gets the poop.


A Fake Bug

Note to self: Remember that you bought this fake cockroach when it inevitably ends up in your bed, toilet, or food. This gift is a two-pack, so there's one cockroach for each kiddo. They're battery-powered and scuttle around realistically. Just imagine the relief you'll feel when you remember it's fake.


A Coloring Book With A Twist

An activity that keeps your son(s) busy but is also gross enough to hold their attention? Behold: this farting animals coloring book. It depicts a series of cute animals (panda, giraffe, bunny, and more) except they're all drawn with a little wind cloud behind them. It's ridiculous, and fun, and it may buy you at least 15 minutes of quiet.


Toilet Paper Games

If your sons spend a lot of time on the toilet, then give them a gag gift they can actually use. All they need to do is bring a pen or pencil (and they'll probably forget and scream to you from the bathroom). This toilet paper also comes in sudoku or word search versions, depending on their interests.


A "Chores" Video Game

This gift is worth it for the confused looks on their faces when they think they're getting an awesome video game and it turns out to be a game about... doing chores? This is just a box however, so you will need to put an actual gift inside, potentially a real video game.


Good Old Snake-In-A-Can

I'm a sucker for any old school pranks like finger traps, whoopee cushions, and of course, snake in a can. The tube looks like it holds Pringles, but when someone opens it, out jump two snakes (which is ideal if this is a shared gift for two kids).


Tons Of Slime

Slime never gets old, especially when it comes in this many colors. The slime is already made (so your kitchen won't get destroyed) but the package comes with add-ins like foam beads and sequins so they can make their own one-of-a-kind creation.


A Jelly Bean Surprise

Spin the spinner and eat whichever color jellybean it lands on. The catch is that every delicious flavor looks identical to a gross flavor. Will it be birthday cake or dirty dishwater, buttered popcorn or rotten egg? No one knows until you eat it. And fair warning: never accept a jellybean offered to you by your son.


Money Soap

If hygiene isn't his strong suit, you could always entice your son to scrub by getting him this money soap. Inside, you'll find real money (you can pick the bill's denomination at checkout) but you can't get the money until you've used the whole bar. Genius.


An Unusual Field Guide

We've covered farts, but let's not forget about humble and hilarious burps. The books various types of burps and gives a nod to the "tasting notes" of each (gross). You'll be able to hear your sons giggling all over the house, and hey, at least they're reading something they enjoy.