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11 Genius Products That New Moms Need In Their Lives


We’ve all had them. Those self-conscious mom moments where we wonder if we’re doing this whole “raising a tiny human” thing justice. They start during pregnancy when we're trying our best to prepare for motherhood, they creep in when our little ones are first born as they're gazing up at us with those trusting eyes, and they're definitely out in full force during our baby's first days at home. As a mom of two sons, I know it's so easy to be hard on myself, even when all I'm trying to do is make the best decisions for my kids. But lately I've learned to embrace the fact that when it comes to raising kids, you can only really be prepared'ish, and that's totally fine.

One way to offer yourself some peace of mind as you move through parenthood is to stock up on trusted products that will make you feel like the brilliant mom you are whenever you use them. That's why we’ve joined forces with Babies“R”Us ® to find the best parenting products on the market. Shop your way through the expertly curated list below, and remember that no matter what challenges you face as a mom, Babies“R”Us ® has you covered with everything you’ll need to be ready for whatever comes your way.

1. The Do-It-All Transport System

Babies“R”Us ®

Graco Modes Jogger Travel System - Admiral, $379.99, Babies“R”Us ®

As a mom of two kids, I'm always open to any suggestions for simplifying things with a sidekick in tow, and this flexible travel system is great. It helps you quickly and comfortably transport little ones from the car to the stroller, and it features five different ways to ride to accommodate the needs and preferences of infants and toddlers up to 50 pounds.

2. The Rocker That'll Make You Feel Like A Baby

Babies“R”Us ®

Best Chairs Geneva Wood Glider - Caviar Velvet/Espresso, $349.99, Babies“R”Us ®

There’s no place your baby would rather be than nestled in your arms, and you’ll feel like a champion thanks to your ability to soothe your little snuggle buddy in this glider that keeps you super cozy, too. Extra thick cushioning and padded arms help you both sink right in, and the gentle gliding will have them snoring away in no time.

3. A Monitor That'll Put You At Ease

Babies“R”Us ®

Motorola for BRU 5 inch Video Baby Monitor - Comfort50, $109.99, Babies“R”Us ®

Nothing will get past you, thanks to this video baby monitor with infrared night vision. You can see and talk to your baby with the press of a button, from up to 1,000 feet away. So do the laundry, check the mail, and know that you won’t miss a single thing.

4. A Multitasking Pillow

Babies“R”Us ®

Original Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner - Luxe Gray Whale, $49.99, Babies“R”Us ®

Give your arms and back a break and let the iconic Boppy Nursing Pillow support you and your baby during bottle or breastfeeding. You might also like to take note of the removable, washable cover, as well as the product's incredible versatility as a soft and comfortable support pillow during your baby’s first year.

5. A Diaper Bag You Won't Dread Carrying

Babies“R”Us ®

Carter's City Tote Diaper Bag, $59.99, Babies“R”Us ®

There’s nowhere you won’t go thanks to this heavy-duty yet fashion-forward diaper bag. It features padded straps that rest comfortably on your shoulder, and the easy-access pockets hold everything you need for your next adventure. I'm also giving this bag bonus points for stroller loops, which lets your stroller do the (literal) heavy lifting.

6. A Set Of Ultimate Bath Time Solutions

Babies“R”Us ®

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub, $39.99, Babies“R”Us ®

Bathing a baby of any size is no small feat! They’re slippery, wiggly, and very unlikely to enjoy having their hair washed. But you’ve got this, thanks to this versatile, no-slip tub. From the mesh newborn sling, to the "Sit-Me-Up Support" aids for growing babies, all the way to the roomy toddler tub, it takes a whole lot of hassle out of bath time. Plus, it has a hook for easy drying and helps you save space. How thoughtful!

7. An Activity Table So Fun, Even You Will Want To Play With It

Babies“R”Us ®

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table, $39.99, Babies“R”Us ®

This musical table rocks. Literally. It keeps little movers and shakers entertained in a seated or standing position, with more than 40 songs and 15 activities to help them work on those fine motor skills.

8. This, Which Is Basically A Portable Nursery

Babies“R”Us ®

Baby Trend Go-Lite Elx Nursery Center Playard, $169.99, Babies“R”Us ®

This all-in-one for napping, changing, and playing is a total game changer, and I don't say that lightly. It includes a standalone napper and full-size bassinet which doubles as a rocker, along with a diaper changing station with all the storage pockets you need. It also has a portable crib and play yard, and it folds up in about five seconds flat. Basically, it's an on-the-go nursery, and it's the best ever.

9. A Bouncer That Is An Under-The-Sea Adventure

Babies“R”Us ®

Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper, $129.99, Babies“R”Us ®

Take your baby on an adventure any old time with this activity jumper (and tire them out ahead of nap time, to boot!). Nemo-themed and deep sea inspired, it's got all the sights and sounds your kid needs to be entranced. This jumper bounces and rotates, so it's pretty much guaranteed to keep your little one entertained while you sneak a solo trip to the bathroom.

10. This Super Soothing Sound Machine

Babies“R”Us ®

Dohm for Baby White Noise Sound Machine, $59.99, Babies“R”Us ®

It's OK if your home isn't exactly sound-proof. This soothing white noise machine has two settings to help ease your little one into a good night's sleep, while buffering unwelcome noises that are happening outside of the nursery. It's so good, I call it the baby whisperer.

11. The Hero Of Diaper Changes

Babies“R”Us ®

Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Antimicrobial Pail - Gray, $37.99, Babies“R”Us ®

Poop happens, and with a squirming baby in need of cleaning, it's pretty impractical to neatly wrap each and every messy diaper and promptly bring it outside for disposal. Enter this air tight diaper pail, which lives in your nursery to store your baby's worst, while locking out germs and odor. Step on the foot pedal, throw the diaper away, and carry on.

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