11 Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers That Don't Include A Furry Feline Sweater

You probably have a few friends who post endless Instagram photos of their cat and manage to work Fluffy’s latest antics into every conversation. Congratulations: you are friends with a cat person! People who love cats are pretty much the best people of all, and shopping for their gifts is a blast. After all, with the proliferation of Internet cat fans, there is a wide (and often weird) variety of gift ideas for cat lovers for sale.

Clothes, home goods, books, and glassware are all available with cat-centric designs. Some of these designs are pretty bold — there are a lot of goods on Etsy featuring cats in space — but others are subtle enough to fit in with any decorating scheme or wardrobe. Cats are one trend that will not fade out any time soon.

Whether your buddy is a loud-and-proud crazy cat lady or a more reserved feline fancier, at least a few of these options will make for a fitting gift. Tea drinkers, fashion devotees, and art aficionados can get a little more cat-ified. While the wine for cats may be difficult to score, nearly everything else imaginable has a cat component readily available. So enjoy browsing these fanciful gifts for your favorite cat person.


Kitty Cat Ring

This kitty cat ring ($10) from iluxo is a subtle way for your buddy to show off her cattitude. This acrylic ring would complement most outfits, and it's understated enough to wear almost anywhere.


Colorful Watercolor Cat Art Print

This watercolor cat print ($15) from Thenobleowl would please even the most finicky cat fan. This bright cat would add a pop of color and fun to any decor.


Siamese Cat Tea Towel

Most cats are kind of a nuisance when you're trying to cook, but this Siamese Cat tea towel ($18) from Gingiber would be a welcome addition to any kitchen. A black cat and Persian version are also available.


I Work Hard So My Cat Can Have A Better Life Mug

Well, it isn't like Fluffy is paying any rent. This cat mug ($15) via The CraftyEngineerx expresses a sentiment shared by cat guardians everywhere.


"Who Are You Looking At?" Cat Pillow

This big-eyed dude will add a touch of whimsy to your friend's home. TheRoyalFeline's Who Are You Looking At? cat pillow ($16) is simple enough to match any decor.


Cat Tao Glasses

Patricia Carlin at Uncommon Goods created these cat Tao glasses (4 for $35) that express the dual nature of kitties. The set includes cute illustrations alongside quotes such as "Napping overcomes wrath."


Cat Post-It Dispenser

This cat Post-It dispenser ($5) is a cute and useful addition to any desk. I received one from a friend as a thank-you gift for cat-sitting (naturally), and it's become a staple in my office supplies.


'How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You'

Okay, so anyone who lives with a cat already knows the answer is "Yes." But the Oatmeal's bestseller, How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You ($9) is sure to make any cat fan laugh out loud at the 15 new cat comics.


Purr-fectly Punctuated Top

There's a lot of overlap between grammarians and cat lovers, and this purr-fectly punctuated top ($30) via ModCloth is sure to please that crowd. Neither Strunk nor White could improve this cat's stylish elements.


Kittea Tea Infuser

The kittea tea infuster ($14) from Urban Outfitters makes tea time a little more cat-tastic. The bright orange kitten is about a thousand times cuter than the average tea ball.


Black Cat Smartphone Stand

Does your cat fan have thousands of pictures of Fluffy on their smartphone? (The answer is almost definitely yes.) Then this black cat smartphone stand ($8) is a must-have for charging or storing a phone.