11 Gift Wrapping Hacks Even A Beginner Can Master

If you're anything like me, your gift-wrapping skills have all the elegance of a child's with none of the endearing charm. It's adorable if your child brings you a crumpled up, overly taped present, but not as cute for an adult. If you want to step up your gifting game this year, you might consider looking into some gift wrapping hacks that will elevate your presentations skills.

Not everyone is gifted with the natural, Martha Stewart-like ability to turn an ordinary present into a work of art, so don't feel too bad if you've given presents in the past that wouldn't exactly turn any heads —in a good way, at least. I know I've felt embarrassed when the skillet-shaped gift I gave my mom turned out to obviously be a skillet. So you're definitely not alone if you've used an entire roll of paper, way too much tape, or taken entirely too long to wrap a present. Whether you have an item that seems difficult to wrap due to its odd shape or you're just interested in making the process easier, any tips are sure to help. So, without any further adieu, check out these gift wrapping hacks that will change the way you look at presents forever.


Use Fabric

This might seem like an odd choice, but it totally makes sense once you think about it. The gift-giving experts at Birchbox suggested using fabric to wrap any oddly-shaped gifts. Regardless of what kind of material you end up choosing, fabric is far more forgiving than paper and it gives your gift a unique touch.


Get Creative With Gift Cards

The geniuses over at A Beautiful Mess suggested pairing a gift card with a related item if you want to elevate your gift-wrapping game. For instance, you could use some cute twine to wrap a notebook with a gift card to an arts and crafts store.


Capture Moments

This hack kills two birds with one stone since it makes wrapping super easy and alleviates the name tag issue. On her site, Julie Blanner recommended using basic craft paper to keep things simple and in place of a bow, name tag, or anything complicated, place a photo on the present for a heartfelt final touch.


Avoid Glittery Messes

With all the sparkle and magic of the holidays, it's tempting to add a little glitter to your gift-wrapping process. However, if you hate finding bits of shimmer weeks later, blogger Aunt Peaches offered a solution. Use double-stick tape to catch glitter, then simply dust off any excess over a trashcan. Plus, you can customize this anyway you want since you're just using double-stick tape to create the pattern.


Try An Unconventional Name Tag

You probably made something similar in grade school, but this hack is nothing short of amazing. According to Burlap and Blue, a salt-dough name tag makes any present look extra special and you have the added bonus of being able to reuse it as an ornament, too.


Go Minimal

If this sounds too good to be true, I don't blame you for thinking so. This Japanese-inspired method from Beat the Bush makes it so you can wrap presents without tape or ribbon. Taking advantage of the folds you create, the final step has you simply tucking in a corner to secure the entire project.


Opt For Unusual Paper

Part of my problem when it comes to wrapping presents is that I feel like they look too plain. A Beautiful Mess suggested the brilliant idea to use atlas paper or maps instead of gift-wrapping paper for a creative look. All the design on the paper really sets it apart from traditional paper choices.


Get Fresh

A great way to bring a little seasonal cheer to your gifts is by incorporating elements of nature. A Pretty Life in the Suburbs suggested stringing fresh cranberries on flexible wire like a mini wreath to add a festive touch to your presents. You don't have to stick with cranberries, of course.


Speed It Up

You may have seen this floating around on your social media before, but the hack is just as useful as ever. In this video captured by Todd Trip, you can watch in slow-motion so you can learn how to wrap a gift in less than 15 seconds. You'd be surprised at just how easy it is, too.


Involve The Family

Is there anything plain, brown craft paper can't be used for? I think not. Burlap and Blue demonstrated an adorable hack where you use your children's thumbprints for Christmas lights on your gift wrap. It's super simple and sure to make all the grandparents smile.


Wrap With Washi Tape

You've probably heard of Washi Tape, but did you know you can use it for gift-wrapping projects? This great DIY tutorial from the Paper Guru demonstrated how to use paper and Washi Tape to wrap a cylinder-shaped present in a ridiculously easy and beautiful way. Who knows? You may add this hack to all sorts of occasions.