11 Gifts For Dads Who Love To Read

This may be stereotypical, but it seems like all the commercials and advertisements for Father's Day circle around items like power tools, cologne, and other "manly" items. But not all dads fit that mold, nor should they. There are many fathers out there would much rather spend their time painting, reading, and creating than fixing things in the garage. Yet if you still find yourself stumped as to what to get him this year, don't worry because there are plenty of gifts for dads who love to read.

Book lovers are a particular type of people. Most prefer burying their nose in a good novel on the couch with a blanket and coffee and seem perplexed by people who would rather "watch the movie instead." From the musty smell of a hole-in-the-wall book store to the crinkling sound of breaking in a new read's spine, there are so many things to love about reading — or so I'm told by my bibliophile friends.

So if your dad already owns all his favorite books and you don't feel like shelling out a gazillion dollars on a first edition copy of one, there are tons of great gifts you can get your book-loving father.


Vinyl Record Bookmark

Vinyl Record Bookmark, $4, Etsy

If Dad happens to love vintage records just as much as he does a good book, then this vinyl record bookmark ($4) is perfect for him.


E-Reader Case

E-Reader Case, $18, Amazon

If your book lover is the e-reader type, then this E-reader case ($18) with a built-in wake/sleep feature is perfect. In addition to the newspaper print cover, there are multiple designs to choose from.


Invisible Book Shelf

Invisible Book Shelf, $14, Amazon

A clever concept, the invisible book shelf ($14) lets your dad keep his books organized and adds a level of coolness since they appear to be floating in mid-air.


Literary Shirts

What better way for him to show his love for books than by wearing his favorite story in shirt form? These literary shirts ($35+) use text from books, poems, and plays to cover the entirety of the material and create designs that are a nod to the title, like the above picture's Poe reference.


A Book For New Dads

Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada, $7, Amazon

This Father's Day might be your partner's very first one. So what better way to celebrate the occasion and his love for lit than by getting him a book he can read along with your child? Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada ($7) is both adorable and aimed directly at new dads.


Rechargeable Book Light

Rechargeable Book Light, $20, Amazon

Thanks to modern technology, nighttime no longer means book time is over. This flexible, rechargeable book light ($20) with a USB port is ideal for your night owl reader.


Bed Reading Glasses

Prism Reading Glasses, $11, Amazon

Lazy is a harsh word, but sometimes if you're in a comfortable position, you don't want to crane your next just to read your book. That's why these prism bed reading glasses ($11) allow you to read while flat on your back.


Quote Wall Art

Book Quote Wall Art, $8, Etsy

A great gift idea is to get a piece of book quote wall art ($8) that takes a page from their favorite book and overlays a memorable quote from it.


Old & New Book-Scented Candle

Old And New Book Scented Candles, $45, Pages Candles

If the dad in your life absolutely adores the aroma of all things literary, then you can let him bask in the smell of both old and new book-scented candles ($45).


"All Booked" Mug

Book Lover Mug, $20, Etsy

The trademark of many bookworms is that all their free time is spent nose-deep in their favorite story. This punny book lover mug ($20) is perfect for the clever dad.


The Marauder's Map Scarf

Marauder's Map Scarf, $28, Etsy

If you're looking for a Father's Day gift that combines a love for books with an infatuation for all things Harry Potter, then look no further than this Marauder's Map scarf ($28).