11 Gifts To Give Your 2017 Kindergarten Graduate

It seems like only yesterday you were gently bathing your baby because their umbilical cord stump had not fallen off yet. Now, they're not only old enough to take showers like a big kid, but they will be embarking on the next chapter in their academic story. So how can you celebrate your little one on their big day? As it turns out, there are plenty of great gifts to give your kindergarten graduate that will make the most of the special occasion. Since this may be one of the first times your child is able to comprehend just how significant their achievement is, it only makes sense to reward their hard work.

From the fancy cap and gown to the smile beaming across their face, you know that this moment has filled your little graduate with a sense of well-deserved pride. Aside from the amount of tissues you'll go through and the many pictures you'll snap as you watch your child cross the stage, don't forget to bring along a little something to celebrate their accomplishment. If you're stuck when it comes to ideas, then you'll want to check out these gifts to give your kindergarten graduate on their special day.


A Box Of Surprises

Educational Activity Subscription Box, $17/month, Little Passports

Once your child graduates kindergarten, they still have the whole summer ahead of them before first grade starts. That's why Little Passports educational activity subscription box ($17/month) is the gift that keeps on giving. You can tailor it to your child's age and interests, and get them ready to embark on a global adventure.


A Smart Way To Save

Smart Piggy Trio Bank, $18, Amazon

It's never too early to teach kids about the value of being financially savvy. With Smart Piggy's three-in-one educational piggy bank, you can show your little one how to set aside savings for their future.


A Jump Start On School

Crayola School Supply Bundle, $28, Amazon

If your little one just can't wait to start big kid school, you can give them a head start with Crayola's first grade school supply bundle. They'll be stoked to sort through all their new supplies.


A Commemorative Shirt

Customized Kindergarten Graduation Shirt, $15, Etsy

You can surprise your kiddo with a customized kindergarten graduation shirt, like this one from Get The Party Started. The little details will make this item a keepsake for years to come.


An Easy-To-Read Timepiece

Timex Analog Fabric Strap Watch, $20, Amazon

Chances are, your soon-to-be first grader will need to know how to tell time. That's why Timex's learning watch with hour and minute hands is a great way to make telling time fun and fashionable.


An On-The-Go Pack

Skip Hop Zoo Rolling Luggage Backpack, $27, Amazon

This graduation gift pulls double duty as luggage and a backpack. Whether they're headed to the countryside or the classroom, a kid-sized rolling backpack like this one from Skip Hop Zoo, can handle the job.


An Inspiring Message

Curious You On Your Way!, $8, Amazon

This book has stood the test of time for a reason. H. A. and Margaret Rey's Curious You On Your Way, a story about Curious George embarking on a new adventure, has a heart-warming message for graduates of any age.


A Growing Gift

Garden Tool Belt Set, $13, Amazon

With some time off between kindergarten and first grade, you can keep their little hands busy with a kids gardening tool belt and accessories, like the one from Melissa & Doug. The fresh air and lesson on nurturing make a great combo.


A Creative Gadget

Leap Frog Scribble & Write, $22, Amazon

Kids love technology and games, there's no doubt about it. Why not sneak in a little education while you're at it? Leap Frog's Scribble & Write teaches children how to write letters and numbers with ease.


A Cute Keepsake

School Memory Album, $15, Amazon

You don't have to stop at kindergarten graduation. Karen J. Goldfluss' school memory album can capture memories all the way through elementary school.


An Empowering Idea

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!, $7, Amazon

Show your kindergarten graduate that there's no limit to their aspirations with the classic Dr. Seuss tale, Oh, The Thinks You Can Think. A healthy dose of boundless imagination does a child good.