11 Gorgeous Back Tattoos That Make A Statement


With summer just mere months away, it's time to start thinking of your back. And by back, I mean the place on your body for some new ink. Indeed, gorgeous back tattoos are the perfect summer accessory, accenting the sundresses that have been waiting in your closet all winter long. And you've got a lot of options when it comes to placement of your back tattoo. You can cover the length of your back with a vertical design, place your design horizontally from shoulder to shoulder, or opt for ink in the small of your back or even your lower back (Yes, it's all good to have a lower back tattoo. Tramp stamp is an uncool term.).

But before you commit, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about back pieces. Not only do you have to stay still while you're in the chair (duh), but you can't see what the tattoo artist is doing to you. For some people, this might make the process easier, but when I was having my back tatted, feeling the magic happen (and for three hours, no less) totally gave me a panic attack. Seriously, my artist was begging me to take a tequila shot. (I declined as most tattoo artists will tell you that because alcohol thins your blood, you'll bleed more if you drink while getting your ink). Also, once it's there, you won't get to see it all the time. But you'll look even better when you're walking away. So, with that in mind, get inspired for your most chic summer accessory, a gorgeous back tattoo.

1Seeing Stars

Why carry the weight of the world on your back? The starry universe, like in this gorgeous back piece is much more stylin'!

2Butterflies In Flight

Check out the 3-D work here. Pretty incredible

3Butterfly Disco

There's a party of winged creatures on this beauty's back, and I totally want an invite.

4Year Of The Dragon

Tell me this doesn't transport you to Westeros.


For the ultimate Harry Potter fan, the back piece is a more than work of art, it's a very important message.

6Pin-Up Gal

The small of your back is an unexpected place for a pin-up, which makes this gorgeous gal all the more fun.

7Phoenix Rising

Baby got back... gorgeous back ink, that is.

8Tribal LBT

Courtesy of Sara Di Donato

This lower back tattoo hits all the right spots.

9Rosary Beads

Marking the arrival of a little one, this back tattoo accentuates the gorgeous curves of the female body.

10Positive Affirmation

The placement of this affirmation says it all. Keep things you need to let go behind you!

11In Memoriam

Not only is the lettering on this back tattoo gorgeous, so is the sentiment.