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11 Gross, But Normal Things About Pregnancy

When it comes to being pregnant, the expectations versus the reality are almost laughable. You probably expect to sport a "pregnancy glow," have the energy to nest, and to fit effortlessly into your new collection of adorable maternity shirts. However, no one tells you about the acne, or the bloating, or the constipation that make it difficult to even put your maternity shirt on, much less "glow" while wearing it. Don't get me wrong, pregnancy is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed all nine months of it (mostly). But there are lots of gross things about pregnancy that, although totally healthy, can catch you off guard.

As exciting as it is to plan for your new baby, feel them grow inside of you, and begin your transition into motherhood, pregnancy can be downright nasty at times. It comes with enough bodily functions to make a middle-school boy blush, and being unprepared for it all can get a bit overwhelming. But confidence will get you through some of the tougher times. So if a long list of gross pregnancy moments is headed your way, own it. Rock your belly bump, right along with the flatulence and frequent urination. With the right maternity shirt, no one will even notice these 11 gross pregnancy symptoms.


You Drool Like A Baby

According to Kids Spot, increased salivation is also another common symptom.On the other hand, The Bump noted that dry mouth is a common side effect of pregnancy due to the extra water your body absorbs, causing your to be extra thirsty and even dehydrated if you're not careful. Just go with it — pregnancy doesn't have to make sense.


Your Skin Might Revolt Against You

Everyone talks about the "pregnancy glow" but rarely do people discuss the fact that after you're done glowing you might get a giant breakout akin to your pre-pubescent days. According to Baby Center, it's simply a common response to your body's changing hormones.


You Have Hot Flashes

Today's Parent noted that hot flashes affect nearly half of all pregnant women due to, you guessed it, fluctuating hormone levels.


You Have To Pee Constantly

When you're pregnant, Kid Spot noted that the blood flow to your kidneys increases by 35 to 60 percent. So frequent urination is basically par for the pregnancy course.


You Fart A Lot

Healthline credits increased amounts of the hormone progesterone for increased flatulence during pregnancy — the kind where you fart with each step you take. This is pregnancy in all it's glory, folks.


You Might Have All-Day Sickness

For some women, morning sickness isn't limited to the early hours of the day. Luckily, according to Parents the queasiness doesn't generally last past week 14.


You'll Find Random Skin Tags

Again with the increased hormone levels? You guessed it. Fit Pregnancy noted that skin tags form on many pregnant women, typically along their breasts, neck, eyelids, underarms, or groin. Luckily, they're completely harmless and can be removed or left alone.


You Might Grow A Beard

Not really, but you should be prepared for a few stray hairs in places they didn't used to be. According to Baby Center, hair growth increases during pregnancy, which can lead to flowing locks and also a few random ones you wish weren't there.


You Get Constipated

Thanks to the relaxation of your muscles and the added pressure on your intestine, constipation affects approximately half of all pregnant women, the American Pregnancy Association (APA) stated.


You Might Swell Up Like A Balloon

The APA also noted that water retention is especially common during pregnancy, so if your ankles suddenly turn into cankles, don't be surprised.


You'll Have Heartburn And Acid Reflux Like Its Your Job

The hormone progesterone relaxes your muscles, and unfortunately, your stomach valve that keeps acid out of your esophagus relaxes right along with the rest, Health noted. Luckily, there are ways to sooth the heartburn if you notice it happening frequently.