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11 Hacks To Make Your New Dye Job Last

by Jasmine Gomez

One of the best feelings in the world is walking out of the salon after a hair dying session that turned out well. It's like you've just left the set of a L'Oreal commercial (hair flips included), and stepped onto a runway. Although your hair's color may stay vibrant during those first few washes, dullness can eventually set in bringing back those plain jane feelings. But there's hope. You can follow a few hacks to make your dye job last even longer and delay that dullness for as long as possible.

In an interview with WebMD, cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson explained that hair color fades when the hair shaft's cuticle is lifted. This allows pigment particles to escape. But how does the hair shaft's cuticle lift? Wilson said even plain water can do the trick. Water works to dilute the pigment particles causing color to fade even faster. While shampooing your hair is obviously a must, you can trade the products you use for ones that are specifically catered to colored hair. Practicing tricks like these will help keep your color looking L'Oreal fabulous for as long as possible.

Here's 11 changes you can make to your hair routine.


Shampoo Less

Since water does cause color to fade less washes will help to preserve the dye. Dermatologist Doris Day told Allure that shampooing less may even make your hair healthier. Too many washes strip the hair of the minerals and oils it needs to keep hair strong (less breakage) and moisturized. If you can't go without washing, Day suggested simply rinsing with water. Water will remove the salt and sweat, but preserve the oils. If you can skip the wash, but still want that cleanly feeling, you can also opt for dry shampoo.


Use Color-Protecting Products

Wilson told WebMD that shampoos and conditioners specifically made for dyed hair help your hair hold on to the dye by sealing the hair cuticle. She advised people to stay away from clarifying shampoo, which is often used for deep-cleansing and is a sure way to dull your hair dye even faster.


Go For Cold Water

Although everyone loves steaming hot showers, you should opt for cold water when washing your hair. Hot water can help shampoo and conditioner penetrate deeper by opening the outer cuticle layer, but it can also help pigment particles escape. Cold water closes the hair cuticle and, as a result, helps keep your dyed hair vibrant longer.


Stay Away From The Red

Red dyes do tend to fade faster than other colored hair dyes. This is because the molecules in red dye are much larger than those of other colors helping them slip out of the hair cuticle much faster. New York City colorist Aura Friedman told Teen Vogue if you go red, you should wait as long as possible before the first wash on your newly dyed hair.


Schedule A Glossing Treatment

Amelia Trammell, a colorist in New York City, told Prevention that a glossing treatment is similar to the topcoat on a manicure. The treatment assists in restoring shine, sealing the hair's cuticle, and locking the color in, she said. It can be done once a month or in between dye sessions to keep the color looking fresh.


Make Friends With A Shower Cap

Since water will cause hair dye to fade, keeping your hair dry when you're not shampooing in the shower is a must. Shower caps can also help you preserve that fresh blowout you got after your new dye by locking moisture out. You can even get some really cute shower caps from places like Shhhowercap, a company which has reinvented shower caps by turning them into fashionable turbans.


Avoid Products With Alcohol

According to The Fashion Spot, you should aim to avoid products with alcohol listed on the label. Alcohol will dry hair out and leave your color looking bland and dull. If alcohol isn't listed in the top five ingredients, you're more than likely safe.


Wear A Hat More Often

WebMd noted that wearing a hat will protect your hair from elements that contribute to the fading of hair color. Certain elements assist in the formation of molecules or atoms that take electrons away from color pigment molecules. Hats can also protect your hair from the sun, whose rays can be color-ruining.


Don't Overdo It

A new color will only look good if your hair is healthy. Don't overdo it. Matrix noted that coloring your hair too frequently can cause damage, so you should only do it once every five to six weeks. If you're roots are growing in fast, there are other products like concealer and touch-up kits that can help you get by until your next dye job.


Keep The Heat To A Minimum

Though your hair looks gorgeous after getting it dyed, color-processed hair is susceptible to more damage. Therefore, you should stay away from heat as much as possible. If you opting out of letting your hair naturally dry, Matrix suggests you should apply a heat protectant to your hair and keep your styling product on the lowest heat setting.


Deep Condition After Shampooing

Deep-conditioning is so time consuming sometimes it's easier to skip altogether. But Allure recommended doing a deep condition once a week, since the chemicals in hair dye can leave your hair suffering. Overall healthy hair will definitely make your color look that much better.