11 Hairstyles For Dirty Hair, Since A Shower Doesn't Always Happen


Unwashed hair happens. Maybe your time management skills are a little off and you’re running late for work or you just don’t have any energy left over from partying the night before. And ff you’re a parent, it seems like there are ten million more reasons why your hair hasn’t seen shampoo in a few days. Just because showers have become a luxury doesn’t mean you can’t rock an amazing hairstyle for dirty hair.

And no, I’m not talking about rocking the classic messy bun. Although that look may be a tried and true favorite among many women, you can easily expand your unwashed hairstyle repertoire even further. And if you’re worried the rest of the world is going to know your (literally) dirty secret, fear not. From your laid-back animal spirit, Jennifer Lawrence to the mother of new grunge, Kristen Stewart, there are plenty of celebrities with dirty hairstyles. More good news: you don’t have to be a celeb or a hairstylist to know how to achieve cool hairstyles with less than clean hair. Get ready to add these fun and easy dirty hair looks to your arsenal so your hair game is always on point.

1Make Some Beachy Waves

If your hair's feeling a bit flat and greasy, you can instantly give it a tousled look instead. Put in a few loose curls and you've got a beach-inspired transformation.

Remington Ceramic Curling Wand, $24.99, Amazon

2Wrap It Up

Whether you really just don't want to mess with your hair or you want to get colorful and creative, you can always wrap it up. Think outside the box and use bold scarves or fabric to get this carefree style.

Corciova Patterned Head Scarf, $9.99, Amazon

3Tuck & Twirl

Channel your inner 20s flapper with this simple tucked headband look. With a quick 2 minute hair-tuck,you'll be looking chic in no time.

Silver Crystal Elastic Headband, $14.97, Amazon

4Rock The Retro Look

When a simply pouf or pony isn't enough to hide your unwashed hair, go retro and add a bandana. Check out this Rosie The Riveter-inspired how-to from Kandee Johnson for a flawless look.

Levi's 2-Pack Printed Bandana, $7, Amazon

5Twist A Braid

Besides the messy bun, braids are probably the next go-to for your dirty hairstyle. Try out a twist on the traditional braid, like this simple rope braid trick from Elessa Jade.

Dove Dry Shampoo, $10, Amazon

6Keep It Short & Sweet

Even short-haired girls are not immune to dirty hair days. All you have to do is twist on either side and add in some bobby pins where needed to get this spunky yet effortless style.

ban.Do Bobbi Pin Set, $10, Amazon

7Thrown On A Hat

Let's be honest: sometimes all your really want or have time to do is thrown on your favorite hat. And guess what? That's OK, too.

Women's Merino Wool Newsboy Cap, $21.99, Amazon

8Tie A Hair Bow

If you're feeling a little quirky and cute, take your ponytail game to the next level with a hair bow. Howcast offers a super easy hair bow tutorial any beginner can master.

9Create A Topsy Tail

If you're a child of the '90s, then you probably remember the topsy tail hairstyle. Take your look into the future with this updated topsy tail from Annie Forget Me Knots.

10Embrace Your Natural Side

Sometimes the best thing to do when you've skipped a couple of washes is to just roll with it. Some actually say that skipping the shampoo for a bit can actually help retain moisture. So own the natural look and rock those curls.

11Go Half-Up

The voluminous half-up ponytail hides a multitude of hair sins. You can pump it up or sleek it down, but either way this look is perfect for when you've skipped a wash or two.

Images: nikkideroest, jackyjetmua, melissa.gill, hairbykristy, leah.me, annieforgetmeknots, mscurlycoop, mad_bear_beauty, jward113, emilyandersonstyling, glynis/Instagram