11 Easy Hairstyles For People With Long Locks

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

There's something super fun about rocking long hair. Although I loved my short cut when I had it, throwing in some long extensions really makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Though my natural hair isn't super long, having long extensions gives me the same feeling. For anyone willing to rock long hair, you know that there aren't too many hairstyles available. That's why keeping a few hairstyles for people with long hair on standby is a way to ensure that you're always being as stylish as possible.

When I do choose to wear my long extensions, I try to find styles and textures that can be worn in multiple ways. Although I love to wear my hair down, depending on the outfit I wear or the activity that I'm doing, it won't always work the best. YouTube has really become my best friend and it's allowed me to change up my look even when I have my extensions in. Between braids and updos, I've found ways to keep my longer styles in tact and versatile.

So whether your long hair is natural or achieved through extensions, these 11 styles will help you change it up a bit.


Dutch Braid

This dutch braid tutorial from beautyklove's YouTube is an easy alternative to keeping your hair in tact.


Bun-Hawk Updo

The Chic Natural is known for delivering some great tutorials and this one for the bun-hawk updo is no different.


Simple Hairstick Bun

A great way to keep your hair up and out of the way could be this simple hair stick bun tutorial from Haartraum.


Messy Fishtail Braids

Whether your Rapunzel hair is natural or achieved through extensions, Mini Marley's YouTube tutorial for these messy fishtail braids are a good option for style.


Knotted Pretzel Ladder

Nail beautyklove's knotted pretzel ladder style by taking a look at this simple tutorial.


Mini Twists

Recreate Jasmine Brown's easily achievable mini twists style by watching this tutorial. Though she has long hair, this style can pretty much be achieved on short, medium or longer manes.


Heatless Wavy Hair

If you're just looking for a way to add a little bounce to your longer tresses, this heatless wavy hair tutorial from Vivian V should help.


Two Braid Hairstyles

Interested in just keeping the front of your hair out of the way? Jasmine Brown's two braid hairstyles are what you need.


Braided Headband

Take it back to the '70s with Little Moon's braided headband tutorial.


Bow Bun

Have a little one with a head full of hair? This Cute Girls Hairstyles Youtube tutorial for the bow bun will be a cute look on her.


Big Half Up Ponytail

Get in touch with your inner pop star and try this big half up ponytail tutorial from Foxy Locks Girls.