11 Honest & Hilarious Memes To Wish Your Mom A Happy Mother's Day

by Kristin Manna

Guys, Mother's Day is this Sunday. Did you forget? Don't worry we didn't, and that's why we made a list of the best mother's day memes to post this weekend in celebration of the special mama(s) in your life. Trust, everyone will be doing it, so you want to make sure you show up on social media with a memorable mother's day meme that will get you so many likes, most importantly, one from your mom.

If your mom loves wine, go for a meme about getting your mom rosé for Mother's Day. Or if you're obsessed with your mom more than anyone else, post a meme that says you love her just as much as Kanye loves himself — that's a whole lot of love. Whichever one you choose, your mom is sure to appreciate a shout out.

And you know that, like everything you do, your mom will want to share and repost your meme so that all her friends can see. Memes are like the new macaroni necklaces of Mother's Day and she's going to want t show it off. So make sure you pick a good one that makes her laugh — or cry.

Here is a list of Mother's Day Memes that will be sure to make your mother and all her friends smile. And after you post the meme, don't forget to call her. Because that's the one gift that she definitely wants.


Breakfast In Bed

A solid Mother's Day move is the classic breakfast-in-bed treat. But sometimes, it just doesn't happen. But it's the thought that counts, right?



You're not the only one who has had to depend on your mom financially longer than she (or you) had expected, and you know what? She doesn't love you any less for it. Hey, at least now you can all laugh about it.


Sloppy Kisses

Don't forget about the dog moms this Mother's Day, because they work hard and deserve to be celebrated too. Now who's ready for 100 wet kisses?


Social Network

Don't be fooled... your mom is probably way more popular than you thought she was, and it's time you know the truth.


One Job

You only have one job to do, and that is to call your mother today. If you forget, you'll never hear the end of it, so throw this out there to remind the world what day it is, and make sure you set a reminder on your own phone, too.


The Card

DO NOT forget to send your mother a card this mother's day. Even if it's day of, and the best you can do is send her an e-card. The most important thing is that you put some nice words in writing that she can go back to the next time you do something wrong.


Love You Like Kanye

If you love your mother even half the amount that Kanye loves himself, that's a whole lot of love. This is a card that's sure to make her laugh, assuming she knows who Kanye is, of course.


Mother's Day Prayer

Shoutout to the peeps who celebrate all moms this holiday. And seriously, this cat is too precious.


Moms Love Wine

Know your audience. There are plenty of moms who will appreciate this shout out on Mother's Day because it's hilarious and true. If this speaks to you, make sure get your mom a nice bottle of wine, too.


Really, They Do

The truth is finally out there. Also, note this year Mother's day is actually May 13 in 2018 (not May 10).


Facebook Etiquette

Hey, some people keep their social and family lives separate, and that's totally fine. She'll appreciate a note in person more than an online shoutout anyway. But if you are feeling generous, accepting her friend request is a big deal.