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11 Harry Potter Memes That'll Make You Laugh Every Time

Harry Potter is one of the greatest fandoms of all time. Even though the final film came out more than five years ago, the hype still lives on. The franchise's muggle enthusiasts are always theorizing, discussing and creating things that continue to draw us back into the world of magic. And perhaps the funniest way in which they are doing so is by creating Harry Potter memes.

It's no secret that Potterheads are devoted fans. They're always in the middle of re-reading the series, and they even carry a hardcover Deathly Hollows with them on the subway. They watch every televised Harry Potter marathon, even though they already own the DVDS. They frequent Pottermore to see what extra information J.K. Rowling is going to spill. They are able to covertly turn everyday conversation into a discussion about the books. They take to Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit to talk about all things Harry Potter. And best of all, they make other fans laugh with the tweets, GIFs and memes they create.

Whether you're a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, you won't be able to help but laugh at the clever puns and pop culture crossovers in these amazing, magical memes. They're so good, that even Professor Snape might have to crack a smile at some of them.


How To Flirt: Wizard Style

Lily has no idea what's coming for her.



C'mon now, that's not even fair.


Delete, Delete, Delete...

How do I unsubscribe from Honeydukes daily newsletter? WAIT Fizzing Whizbees are on sale?!


Relationship Goals

Ugh, I wish.


Quidditch Confidence

It ain't cocky if it's true.


Macklemore Mashup

When wizards go thrift shopping.


Movie Mashup

Potentially more terrifying than actual snakes.


Cutest Seeker Ever

Let's hope she doesn't get hit by a bludger.


'90s Snape

In Hogwarts my magic was born and raised, down in Slytherin's where I spent most of my days...


Too Real

LOL...but BRB, actually crying.


Oh No He Didn't!

Oh, snap! Or should I say, Oh, Snape!