11 Health Benefits To Having Morning Sex — Yes, They Exist

Getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health, but there may be a solid reason to cut into your shut-eye time for a little morning romp. There are so many health benefits to having morning sex that you may want to get up a few minutes early just to reap these rewards. Anything for your health, right?

Sex may improve both your mental and physical well-being. From an improved mood to potentially lower blood pressure, you can live your best life thanks to a little morning romp. At the very least, you'll be in a good mood before it's time to face traffic and the daycare drop-off line.

So, in addition to your other healthy habits, morning sex may be just the thing to help you have fewer colds and perhaps even experience less pain. Plus, it's about a thousand times more fun than drinking a kale smoothie. (No shade, kale smoothies — you're also helpful.) Whether you're combatting chronic conditions or trying to reduce stress, morning sex may be the cure for what ails you. Plus, you can reap these many health benefits before you even get out of bed in the morning. It's the best medicine around.


It Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of those things you don't even think about until you're well into adulthood, and then it becomes a real concern. Fortunately, sex may be a great way lower blood pressure, at least according to WebMD. A little morning fun with your SO or vibe may be just the thing to keep that systolic number low.


It Lessens Periods

Hey, few things are less fun than waking up to period pains. But there may be a way to decrease Aunt Flo's duration. Having an orgasm can help expel your blood more quickly, potentially causing shorter periods, as explained in ABC News. If nothing else, morning sex is a good way to counteract the general suckiness that so often accompanies periods.


It Improves Self-Esteem

It's easier to take on the day when you have a little something to smile about. And as noted in Fitness, sex can improve your self-esteem, helping you feel desirable and attractive. That attitude can carry you through the rest of your day.


It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Looking after your heart (the physical one) can be an easy task. According to Everyday Health, your risk of fatal heart disease may decrease when your orgasms increase. It's the best inverse relationship of all.


It Reduces Pain

If you wake up with a headache most mornings, then this may be your favorite tip. As noted in WebMD, the release of hormones during orgasm may help block your perception of pain. The hormones may help increase your pain threshold, whereas the sex itself can serve as a wonderful distraction from even the worst aches.


It Boosts Brainpower

It's helpful to start off the day as sharp as possible. And according to a University of Amsterdam study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, sex may help improve your analytical thinking skills. Give it a go when you need to be at your mental best.


It Can Work As A Potential Antidepressant

OK, so you may not want to throw your Prozac out the window just yet. But according to Psychology Today, exposure to semen may elevate women's moods due to its antidepressant compounds. Even if this sounds a bit strange, you and your SO are free to perform your own tests to see if it holds true for you.


It Reduces Stress

Mornings are a stressful time for many people, but some early loving can change all that. As noted on Greatist, sex can help reduce stress levels for just about everyone. You can think of it as some much-needed me time in a busy day.


It Improves Your Mood

What's the entire point of having sex anyway? It feels good. And as noted by the Daily Mail, morning sex may provide you with a boost of oxytocin for the rest of the day, resulting in good feelings all around. You just might have a better day overall.


It Gives You Some Exercise

OK, so an early morning roll in the hay may not produce the same effects as running a 10K. But hey: it still counts as something. As noted in Elite Daily, an hour's worth of sex may burn as many calories as a half-hour jog. And even if you don't have that kind of time, you can still enjoy the reviving benefits of some morning exercise.


It Boosts Your Immunity

Are you looking for ways to take fewer sick days off work? Adding a little morning romp to your daily routine may be just what the doctor ordered. As noted in, sex may help keep you healthy by boosting your levels of IgA, which is an antibody that can help fight off infection. There is probably the most fun way to protect yourself from colds and other nasty sicknesses.