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Obvious Illuminati Signs In Beyoncé's Pregnancy Instagrams

Although many people consider Beyoncé a queen, there are just as many who think she's part of the Illuminati, along with her husband Jay Z. How do they know this, you ask? By the super not-so-secret signs and symbols that the Illuminati use all the time to communicate with each other. Obviously. And if you look really closely, there are definitely, probably not, but definitely Illuminati signs in Beyoncé's pregnancy Instagrams. Yeah, you think it's a joke, but rest assured: those twins are being born into one of the most secret societies in the world.

Just what do the Illuminati do, you ask? Well, even the Illuminati don't even know. It's sometimes thrown around as a term for anyone who thinks they possess special knowledge, or, simply "are woke." We all know Bey is woke AF. Most people think the group came about in 1776 in Bavaria, when the order of the Illuminati was founded. But! There are also theories that place its creation in the 16th century, when a group of heretics in Spain claimed they were religiously enlightened.

It doesn't really matter when it started. What matters is that anyone who's anyone is definitely in it. Not just Bey and Blue Ivy, either. Lady Gaga, President Obama, and possibly even Donald Trump. This is where things get tricky, because would Barry, Gaga, and Beyoncé be in a secret club with Trump? Don't answer that.

Much like when you finish a tricky crossword puzzle, let's focus on what we know for sure first. And that's that Beyoncé's pregnancy Instagrams are packed with Illuminati messages.

The Peace Sign

So a "V" also means the numeral five, which signifies the Law of Fives, which is a very important law that requires you to look fly at all times, even in jelly sandal heels. Trust me.

Here's Another One!

She's throwing V's all over the place.

The Mother Of All Signs

It's hard to know where to even begin here. The triangle shape Beyoncé's veil makes, the hidden hands, and channeling the Virgin Mother? Super Satanic.

Taking On Animal Form

Usually the Illuminati idolize a goat head, but who knows what they're up to all these centuries later. Maybe the fox filter is the new sign, you know, since everyone's caught onto them by now.


She's definitely doing this on purpose.

Distress Hands

Another classic Illuminati hand signal — holding up two arms like that is a sign of distress.

This Is Too Much

In this video, she and Blue Ivy are taking on all sorts of possibly satanic animal forms and and those aren't bunny ears — it's another V sign.

Check That Headdress

Doesn't she look like Baphomet?

The Triangle Hand

Normally Illuminati make the triangle symbol with their hands, but if you look closely, the way her two hands frame the bump... ammirite?

Another One

Look how their hands form the classic Illuminati shape.

Also, This Has To Mean Something...

They look way too powerful.

Obviously, the longer you look, the more signs you find. Just wait until the twins come later this summer — the Illuminati will be celebrating more of their own for sure.