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11 Interesting Clues That Predict You'll Be A Good Parent

You may have been the type that always played house as a kid. Your Baby Alive went everywhere with you and was always well cared for. You dreamed of the day when that doll would become an actual living, breathing baby. But if you didn't play with dolls, does it mean you won't know how to care for the real thing? If you've ever wondered whether you should be a parent or the fun aunt who comes to town and spoils the kids with ice cream, there are some interesting clues that predict you'll be a good parent.

No matter how many books you read or how much you prepare, being a parent is one of those jobs that requires you to learn as you go. But being able to roll with the punches, knowing how to stretch a dollar, and having the courage to stand your ground, are all pretty good indicators that you'll be able to tackle all of the challenges and uncertainties that will come your way.

If you've been wondering if parenthood is something you're suited for, check out this list of traits of good parents and see if any of them apply to you. If not, you can always be the fun aunt.


You're Flexible

Being a parent will force you to shift your priorities. Often parents have to make tough choices, like choosing between a dream career and one that is more suitable to raising children, or a sports car and a mini van. According to Parenting, having the ability to roll with the punches is key indicator that you'll be a good parent.


You're Always Prepared

Being a parent is kind of like being a boy scout. Leaving the house means being prepared for a skinned knee, a diaper blowout, or a 30-minute wait for a table at your favorite restaurant. If you're always prepared, you'll be OK in the parent department.


You Stand Your Ground

When you have kids, you have to be ready to handle some pretty intense negotiations. Being a good parent means being able to stand your ground, according to Lifehack. Meaning you don't back down when you see that cute little face.


You're Not Selfish

Being a parent is a pretty demanding job. The younger your kids are, the more they'll need you. As Psych Central noted, to be a good parent, you must be able to put other's needs before your own. Even though you may have been looking forward to curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and the latest episode of Scandal all day, your son refuses to go to sleep until you read Goodnight, Moon for the fourth time this week.


You're Affectionate

Whether you're celebrating your child's great report card or consoling them after a tumble on the playground, being a parent means dolling out plenty of hugs and kisses.


You're Not Afraid To Ask For Help

Being in charge of a family is a big responsibility, but all good leaders know how to delegate. According to Cosmopolitan, a good parent should know when they are overwhelmed and need to call on their village.


You Protect What's Yours

One of your most important jobs as a parent is keeping your children safe. If you go into full attack mode when one of your own is in danger, you'll probably be a darn good parent.


You're A Good Mediator

As a mother of two children, most of my day is spent playing referee to their constant squabbles. A good parent needs to be able to diffuse hostile situations between their kids.


You're Patient

No matter how sweet and well-behaved they may appear to the rest of the world, your kids will do plenty of things to test your patience. It's up to you to keep your cool when thing get tough. After all, your 2-year-old may not have known how difficult it is to clean permanent marker off of your white walls.


You're Good With Money

As a parent, you will incur a lot of new costs. While you may be able to plan and save for some, unexpected expenses will always come up. Psych Central pointed out that parents need to be able to manage their money. Those ballet lessons, soccer camp, and Barbie dream castle aren't free, you know.


You Ignore The Haters

As a parent, you do your best to do what's best for your children. But there will always be a relative, a friend, or a know-it-all mom in your child's class who thinks their way is best. It's important that you and your partner are confident in your parenting decisions and are able to silence the haters who want to challenge you.