11 Kid-Friendly Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

I think the definition of irony is when you're looking to include your child in the very holiday which brought about their existence. That's not to say everyone conceives during the month of February, but I'd bet a solid amount of money that you know quite a few people born in November. So if you're one of the many couples who don't see why being a parent should interfere with romance, you might want to consider some kid-friendly date ideas for Valentine's Day so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Besides, isn't a dinner for two kind of a "been there, done that" thing anyways?

Now I'm not suggesting you spend your magical evening popping aspirin in the bathroom of a Chuck E. Cheese, but there are certainly ways to incorporate the whole family as you celebrate the wide spectrum of love. In my experience, letting your child see what a healthy partnership looks like is far from awkward. It's downright beneficial to their development and understanding of how two people should treat each other in a relationship, in my opinion. So pack up some juice boxes, put on your snazziest outfit, and check out these kid-friendly date ideas just in time for Valentine's Day.


Recreate Your First Date

This is especially fun if your child is old enough to roll their eyes when you reminisce about you and your partner's early days. Though you may have to improvise if your first date involved anything R-rated, taking your kids to the same restaurant or park is a cute way to involve the whole family.


Don't Worry About Going Solo

If you're a single parent, you can still enjoy the perks of Valentine's Day without a partner. Treat you and your little one to a day of pampering by getting matching pedicures or ignore the rules and have dessert with every meal. Plus, this can be a fun way to bond with your child and learn about their interests since they'll have your undivided attention for the day.


Make It A Competition

Who doesn't love a little friendly competition? You can make a real wager — like the winning team doesn't have to do dishes for a week — or you can just take pride in participating. Either way, picking an activity like paintball, bowling, or any other king of game that involves scoring can be a great way to spend Valentine's. It's also a side perk that physical activity releases feel-good endorphins (wink wink), as CNN reported.


Embrace Your Inner Child

Switch things up a bit this February and let your children set the agenda for the evening. You can always reserve the right to veto, but you might be pleasantly surprised with the ideas your kids come up with. For instance, my son voted for the literal version of Netflix and chill as we sat on the couch and ate snacks.


Get Crafty

You and your family can stay in for the night and make each other hand-crafted Valentine's, cook up chocolate treats, or decorate your home with cut-out hearts. Arts and crafts is always a solid go-to for family-friendly date night plans.


Take A Mini Road Trip

Valentine's Day doesn't have to take a huge hit on your bank account. Aside from the cost of gas, you and your family can enjoy a completely free date by taking in the sights of a nearby town. Whether it's a city you've never been to before or a favorite getaway, a mini road trip has plenty to offer everyone.


Bring The Outside In

For most of the country, February means chilly weather. So instead of braving the elements during your date, why not recreate things indoors? You can set a tent up in the living room, have a picnic, or even stargaze out a window. Bonus points if you include hot chocolate and marshmallows.


Create A Meal

There are so many possibilities with this option. From designing the menu and settling on a number of courses to actually cooking together and enjoying a meal with the whole family, dining in never sounded so good.


Stroll Down Memory Lane

Bring out the memory boxes — or open the folder on your computer — and show your kids nostalgic photos of you and your partner. Don't be surprised if you get hit hard with a case of the feels when looking at pics of your first apartment together or when your kids were babies.


Date Long Distance

Is your loved one overseas or simply not able to be at home with you and your child? Set up a special Skype session so the whole family still gets to spend quality time on this lovely holiday. You can even be adventurous and try to play a board game via webcam. Thanks to the internet, your partner is only a click away.


Go Old-School

If recreating your first date doesn't sound like it's up your alley, then you can take it all the way back to your legit first date. I'm talking about the kind of dates you went on with your grade school crush. Whether that's going to a roller skate rink, bowling, or hanging out at an ice cream parlor, you can show your kids how you used to hang back in the good ol' days.