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11 Kroger Hacks That Make The Store Even Better

Before I moved from Florida to Georgia, "Kroger" was a mysterious word. For my family, grocery shopping was always done at either Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Neighborhood Wal Mart's once they appeared. But once I relocated to Atlanta, I found out all the things Kroger had to offer and fell in love. Though Kroger has become a personal favorite of mine (thanks to those beautiful savings), it should also be a favorite among parents too. That because there are a few Kroger hacks every mom needs to know and keep on hand when grocery shopping.

To be honest, since I've moved to Atlanta, Kroger is the only place I like to shop for food. Not only does the franchise sell quality groceries, but the savings are definitely an added incentive to shop there. Although I'm not a parent myself, knowing how much I save as a single woman gives me means to suggest shopping at Kroger, and being aware of as many hacks as possible to any family looking to shave a few extra bucks off of their weekly grocery bill.

Not sure if you have all the hacks memorized? Take a look at these 11 to cross reference your list with.


Utilize Your Fuel Rewards

One of the first things I did when I hit Kroger for the first time was get a Kroger Plus card. Not only does the card help you save money on groceries, it also helps you save money on gas every month. Customers earn one point for every dollar spent and when you get up to 100 points, you've earned yourself 10 cents off of gas. May not sound like much at first, but trust me, it adds up.


Get On The Free Wi-Fi

If you're a regular Kroger shopper and weren't aware of the free wifi, shame on you. After many visits where I tried to enable my wi-fi and get my digital coupons, I finally discovered the free wi-fi. Be sure to check it out during your next visit and never have to step out of the store to look online again.


Try The Kroger Brand And If You Don't Like It, Get The National Brand Free

According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, if you purchase the Kroger brand of a product and aren't satisfied with it, you can exchange it for the national brand that it was created to mock. Just be sure to bring your receipt along.


You Don't Have To Purchase 10 Items To Get The "10 For $10 Discount"

Contrary to popular belief, Kroger's "10 for $10 discount" promo can still work if you don't purchase 10 of the product. After making the mistake and purchasing 10 of a particular product when shopping just to get the discount, one of the workers informed me that the discount would still be offered even if I didn't get the full 10. Each product would still scan for one buck each.


Haggle For Discounts On Close To Expired Food

The Krazy Coupon Lady also noted that if the item you're purchasing is nearing its expiration date or doesn't have the same sense of freshness as its counterparts, ask for a discount.


Get A Free Item On Friday

Life free stuff? Me too — especially when it's something I can eat. Kroger helps with that by initiating their Free Friday Downloads every week. Just check the site every Friday, and land a free coupon for the product of the week. Can't redeem it that day? Don't worry. The coupon is redeemable for up to two weeks after.


Stack Your Coupons

See a Kroger sale ad for those chips you like and have a manufacturer coupon, too? You can totally combine them together for the ultimate savings. I do this as often as I can and it has saved me so much money.


Shop Kroger Organic

According to Business Insider, shopping Kroger's Simply Truth organic brand will equip you with savings, too. You'll be able to score some good prices on the brand whether they're on sale or sold an original price.


Order Your Groceries Online, Pick Them Up In Store

Though I haven't done this myself, Rather Be Shopping noted that first ordering your groceries online and then picking them up in the store is an option if you're not into doing the leg work yourself. By using ClickList, shoppers can have their groceries in their possession without even getting out of the car. Perfect for the mom with a busy schedule or with a newborn at home.


Look For Manager Markdowns

According to Couponing 101, searching for the manager's markdowns is a good way to save some money while shopping, too. However, since markdowns are usually made on items approaching expiration, be sure to check the item thoroughly before purchasing.


Pick Up The Catalina Coupons

Business Insider noted that snagging your coupon from the Catalina machine after buying your groceries is important, too. Though many people chalk that up to just being a regular piece of paper, coupons are offered on every sheet and can help you save money on your next trip to the store.