11 Last-Minute Gifts That You Can DIY, Even If You Aren't Super Crafty

You know when you get a call or text about a get-together that's, well, kind of last minute? Or you end up making plans with the birthday girl or guy unexpectedly and don't have a gift? Or you, yourself just waited until the last minute to contemplate buying holiday, birthday, or hostess gifts and now it's too late to have something shipped and still arrive on time? (Just me?) Have no fear. Just because you passed your deadline to have things shipped, doesn't mean that you can't still pull together a couple last-minute gifts that you can DIY.

Whether you consider yourself an artist or struggle to draw stick people, there's a DIY project out there for you. Better yet, it'll turn out to be something that you can actually gift to other people — family and friends that you want to show you love. Plus, crafting and other DIY projects can be a tiny bit addictive. You finish one and then can't wait to start on another. Hurry to the store, pick up your supplies, and get to work. Here are 11 ideas for gifts that you can DIY, no last-minute trip to the mall or overnight shipping required.


Nontoxic Dip Dyed Bibs

Can bibs be chic? These nontoxic dip dyed bibs from Lovely Indeed are more exciting than plain old white terry cloth, but only take an hour of actual work to create. You can choose whatever colors you'd like to customize them endlessly for a baby boy or baby girl.


Painted Espresso Mugs

Practically an essential for the coffee lover in your life, these cute DIY painted espresso mugs from Now That's Pretty might appear to be better suited for a professional to make. But since the process relies on tracing a design, you can make them as easy or difficult as you'd like.


Rosemary And Grapefruit Candle

I don't know why, but candles make a house feel more like home. Sugar & Cloth's DIY rosemary and grapefruit candles are beautiful to look at, plus the combination of scents is perfect for the winter season in particular.


Canvas Wine Bag

Instead of giving a bottle of wine as your go-to, last-ditch gift, give one of Paper & Stitch's canvas wine bags you made yourself that they can use over and over again. Though adding a bottle of your favorite red or white I'm sure wouldn't hurt.


Gilded Tray

OK, so this one requires a little bit more foresight than some of the others, but it'll still fit your too-late-to-ship-something deadline. This DIY gilded tray from The Stripe gussies up any table on which it sits.


Mid-Century Planter

This DIY mid-century planter from A Beautiful Mess certainly has style. Plus, it's sure to go with everything else in the room. Add a colorful plant to liven up the cold winter weather. Your friend will thank you.


Natural Orange Clove Sugar Scrub

Give the gift of pampering with blogger Julie Blanner's natural orange clove sugar scrub. Like rosemary and grapefruit, the orange and clove scent to this sugar scrub is very seasonally appropriate.


Doll Outfit

This no-sew doll outfit from Meatloaf and Melodrama is a great gift for the little doll enthusiast in your life. The apron is made out of a reusable bag - how easy is that?


Feather Art

For all those who need to make a quick gift, but really have little to no artistic talent (it's OK), Pitter & Glink's feather art project is nearly foolproof. A little paint, a template, some Mod Podge, and a frame and you're all set.


Golden Parade Bangles

If you need a relatively inexpensive and fairly quick gift, these golden bead bangles from Aunt Peaches fit the bill. Bonus: they only cost about $4 to make.


Wood Slice Cake Plate

For someone who maybe isn't so artistic, but has some other skills, this Delia Creates DIY wood slice cake plate doesn't take too long to assemble. Imagine what a piece of cake would look like on this gem.