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11 Lazy Couples Halloween Costumes For A Pair That Couldn't Care Less

When I was growing up, one thing that I always admired about Halloween was the way couples got super creative with their costumes. Though some chose to go all out with their ideas, it was usually the more chill costume ideas that turned out to be the cutest to me. As I got older and I saw how much work it really is to DIY your costume for Halloween, I realized why those lazy couples Halloween costumes were always so popular.

With the hustle and bustle of the day, it's easy to lose track of time when it comes to getting yourself prepared for the ghouling festivities. Unless Halloween happens to be your favorite holiday of the year, getting you and your partner in order for the perfect Halloween costume may not be on your agenda in enough time. Never fear though, because there are plenty of costumes that you two can look good in — even if you happen to be a little lazy this year.

So, if you're looking for low-maintenance, yet eye grabbing costumes for you and your significant other to be monsterly in this year, these 11 costume ideas are here to help you get it right.


Sandy & Danny

To nail this iconic movie look for, you'll need high waist disco pants ($16), black off-the-shoulder top ($11) and red heels ($25) for Sandy. For Donny, you'll need a pair of black jeans ($35) and a black t-shirt ($7)


Salt & Pepper

Keep it super simple with this salt and pepper look. To accomplish the look for salt, you'll need a white t-shirt ($7) and grey beanie ($8). For pepper, you'll need another grey beanie ($8), but this time, pair it with a black t-shirt ($7). Cut out the letters "S" and "P" and apply to accurate colored shirts.


Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable

Get to the bottom of the sitch as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable this Halloween. For Kim, you'll only need a black long sleeve crop top ($11), and a pair of green cargo pants ($25). And for Ron, you'll need a pair of grey cargo pants ($25) and a black turtleneck ($17).


Face Swap Filter

This has to perhaps be one of the easiest costumes ever and will fit perfect for the lazy couples. All you two will need to do is print out a funny face of your partner and hold it up when necessary.


Tarzan & Jane

To get this Tarzan and Jane look together, get a pair of preppy fit khaki shorts ($17) for Tarzan and a green skirt ($14), yellow button up ($30) and optional beach hat ($12) for Jane.


Emoji Couple

Per the new iOS 10 update, all of the emojis have gotten a small revamp. So, to lock down the hand holding couple emoji, you'll need get your colors right. For the girl, you'll need an aqua shirt ($6), jean skirt ($10), and aqua colored shoes ($20). For the male, just throw on a pair of khaki pants ($30), red shirt ($6), and brown shoes ($30).


Phil & Lil DeVille

Divvy out a full dose of nostalgia by dressing in this DIY Phil and Lil DeVille costume. Grab two oversized green tank tops ($6 each) and two pink short sleeve shirts ($13 each) to wear underneath. To add to Phil's costume, you'll need a pair of blue shorts ($14) and blue shoes ($30). For Lil, get some white shorts ($7) to be used as the diaper, pink shoes ($35), and a pink bow ($5).


Backup Dancers

Have you ever dreamed of being a backup dancer for Britney Spears? Well, you can turn that dream into a reality this year for Halloween. Reinvent the outfits from her backup dancers in her "Sometimes" video by dressing in all white. For the female option, get a pair of white cargo pants ($20) and pair it with a white crop top ($10). For the male option, also grab a pair of white cargo pants ($50)and match it with a white short sleeve button up shirt ($40).


Sports Fans

Whether you and your partner are fans of football, basketball, baseball, or hockey, you can find an easy costume this year by just simply being a sports fan. Just grab your favorite team's shirt or jersey (collegiate or professional) — like this UCF one ($20) — and go crazy.


Netflix & Chill

Take your "Netflix and Chill" session past the couch with this easy DIY costume. To become "Netflix" grab a red shirt ($6) and print or write out "Netflix." For the "Chill" portion, grab a blue shirt ($6) and print or write out "Chill."


Ash & Misty

Catch 'em all with your spouse this year as Ash and Misty from Pokémon. To get the look of Misty, find a pair of jean shorts ($18), a yellow tank top ($8), red suspenders ($8), and red shoes ($50). For Ash, requires black shoes ($50), light denim blue jeans ($27), a black shirt ($7), green fingerless gloves ($10), a red and white trucker hat ($6) and a sleeveless sweatshirt hooded jacket ($7).