11 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples, That Are Actually Still Impressive

Dressing up with your SO is one of the best things about Halloween. But those couples' costumes can get so involved and complicated in a hurry. That's why these lazy Halloween 2018 costume ideas for couples are so perfect. They're still clever and fun enough to fit the spirit of the holiday without taking up too much of your time.

Whether you're looking for some simple store-bought costumes or ideas you can pull from your own closet, these ensembles are perfect for you and your boo. Some are legitimately just funny t-shirts, which is about as easy and laid-back as Halloween costumes can get. And even the actual costumes just pop over whatever clothes you're already wearing, so they're no big deal, either. This can be the chillest Halloween you've ever had, and for plenty of couples, that's the absolute best way to celebrate the holiday this year.

So let somebody else take on the super elaborate costumes and movie-ready makeup applications. These sweet and simple pairs will give you more time to enjoy watching scary movies, eating candy, and generally chilling this October 31. But don't worry, because your awesome personalities will still make you and your SO the life of the party.


King & Queen Cards

King and Queen Card Costume, $40, Tigerdoe

This set includes both costumes, and they just slip over what you're already wearing. It's the easiest pair for Halloween ever, and you get the chance to make card puns all night.


YouTube Personalities

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's so much you can do with this theme. Maybe one person is the star and the other is responsible for filming. Or maybe you both "host" a channel all night. Dress a little flashy, and scream at everyone to "like and subscribe!" all night.



Peanut Butter & Jelly Costume, $35, HalloweenCostumes

For extra ease, just share a costume. This getup is adorable and super easy, because everybody likes peanut butter and jelly.


Tiny House & Homeowner

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One person "wears" a large cardboard box that's painted to look like a tiny house. The other person is the proud homeowner who gives everyone a tour of the compact home.



Green M&M Costume, $25, HalloweenCostumes

Red M&M Costume, $49, HalloweenCostumes

Why not dress like treats? These M&M costumes are even better in pairs, and sweet as can be.


Party Like It's 2008

Gaye Gerard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Break out the bubble hemmed skirts, shutter shades, and whatever else was trendy 10 years ago, as noted in Buzzfeed. (It's OK, I still have a few giant belts stashed away, too.) Make a playlist with "Low", "Just Dance", and other jams from the era. You're guaranteed to make the adults at the party feel old and weird, which is half the fun.


Netflix & Chill Shirts

Netflix & Chill Couples Costume, $16, Etsy

Well, you can't get much simpler than a t-shirt when it comes to costumes. But this shirt set is still clever enough to make people crack up all night. Bonus points if you wear the shirts over pajama bottoms.


Unlock My Heart Couples' Costume

Unlock My Heart Couples' Costume, $38, Yandy

It's a cute, simple costume duo. Plus, you have the perfect excuse to make gatekeeper and key master jokes all night, which is beautiful.


Salt & Pepper Hoodies

Salt & Pepper Couples Hoodies, $60, Etsy

Not only is this an adorable costume idea, but you also get another cozy hoodie to enjoy the rest of the year. There's literally no downside.


'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette' Contestants

OK, this one is seriously genius. Grab your most sequined dress, have your SO break out the formalwear, and pick up a dozen fake roses to dress as contestants on The Bachelor, as suggested in Good Housekeeping. Plus, you get to make other people accept the roses from you all night.


Emo Kids

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bust out the black eyeliner and hair gel, then wear some black and red together. If one or both of you still has a My Chemical Romance t-shirt hanging around, by all means wear it. Maintain character all night.