11 Lazy Halloween Costumes For Those Who Want To Dress Up, But Not Really

In many year's past, I've told myself that I'm going to dress up for Halloween. But when it comes down to the actual day, I get super lazy and tell myself that it was too much work anyway. Because of that, I end up taking the easy route and finding ways to create super lazy Halloween costumes so that I can still get into parties.

From dressing in all black and throwing on a pair of aviators calling myself a cop to throwing on gym clothes and walking around with a water jug as a gym rat, I've always found ways to get the most out of being lazy during Halloween. Though many people like to go all out and be the life of the party with their costumes on the scariest night of the year, others — like me — choose to be as lazily creative as possible. The great thing about Halloween is that you can literally be whatever you want, which even includes being absolutely nothing. See? That's a costume option right there.

If you haven't figured out just how being both lazy and creative can fit together for this Halloween, try pulling inspiration from these 11 costumes.


Google Search Engine

White T-Shirt, $10, Walmart | Pack of Markers, $2, Target

Dressing up as a Google search engine could be one of the easiest costumes around this year. Just grab a white t-shirt ($10 for a pack of five) and a pack of markers to draw your letters out.



Bows, $4, Walmart | Gift Name Tags, $7, Walmart

Is your presence the present this Halloween? Prove it with this lazy present DIY costume. Head to the store and purchase whatever size bows you'd like and some gift name tags to become the ultimate gift around.



White Sheet, $5, Walmart | Off-White Sheet, $5, Walmart

Take it old school this Halloween and become the traditional DIY ghost. Grab an old white or off-white sheet and cut holes for your eyes and mouth.


Business Man/Woman

If you're like me, wearing a suit is just not something that's preferred on a regular day. That's why it can be a lazy Halloween costume for me this year. Turn into the most poised business professional in your suit and tie or take it down a notch with just business casual clothing. In case you need a little help with knowing what business casual is, it consists of slacks or a skirt and a button up or blouse.


A Big Baby

Sheet, $5, Walmart | Extra Large Safety Pins, $8, Amazon | Pacifier, $5, WalMart

Has anyone ever called you a "big baby"? Well, now you can thank them for giving you the idea for this year's costume. If you're not into wearing real adult diapers, just take any color sheet, extra large safety pins, and a pacifier of your choice.


When Life Gives You Lemons...

T-Shirt, $4, Walmart

If the saying "when life gives you lemons..." is one that you live by, you might as well turn it into this year's costume. Throw on any color t-shirt, write the word "life" on it and pass out lemons.


Pigs In A Blanket

Pink Shirt, $4, Walmart | Pig Ears and a Pig Nose, $11, Amazon | Blanket, $15, Amazon

Become your favorite childhood treat with this lazy DIY costume. Put on a pink shirt, get a set of pig ears and a pig nose, and wrap yourself in a nice cozy blanket.


Pink Shirt Emoji

Pink Top, $20, Amazon | Purple Top, $10, Amazon

If you haven't updated to Apple's iOS 10 yet, then your emoji girl is still wearing a pink shirt. To become her for this Halloween, grab yourself a pink top and pose your hands like your favorite emoji. If you happened to upgrade to iOS 10, then all you'll need to do is replace the pink top with a purple one.


Milkshake With A Cherry On Top

Shirt Dress, $11, Forever 21 | White Baseball Cap, $8, Target | Red Balloon, $3 for 20ct, Party City

Are you ready to have your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? Well, you may be able to this Halloween. Dress in a solid colored dress of your choice like this taupe t-shirt dress and pair it with a white baseball cap turned backwards with a taped red balloon — for your cherry — on top.


Identity Theft

Name Tags, $6, Amazon

All you need for this costume is a regular outfit and a pack of name tags. To create this look, all you'll need to do is write a bunch of different names on the tags and stick them on your outfit of choice.


Movie Theater Floor

Black Shirt, $4, Walmart

Hold on to those candy wrappers and empty bottles up until Halloween. Become the floor of a movie theater by taping or gluing them onto a black shirt. You can even plop a few kernels of popcorn on there, too.