11 Little Things All Trusting Couples Do

by Olivia Youngs

Whether you've been together for six months or six years, trust is an invaluable quality in any relationship. It is called the foundation of relationships for a reason, because without it, a relationship will never thrive. And though trust needs to happen with the big, life-changing moments, it should also be a staple in the day-in-day-out moments of your everyday life as well. There are lots of little things trusting couples do that are tell-tale signs of the quality of their relationship.

I've been with my husband for almost five years and in that time, I can say that trust hasn't always been easy. But as we've grown together, we've learned just how important it is, even for the simple things like being home on time or being transparent about conversations with others. Trust, although it certainly is earned, it also a daily decision, especially if it doesn't come easily for you. And when you both make the decision to trust each other every day, it will improve your relationship more than you know.

You'll be able to be apart, have meaningful conversations, and build a life together, without worrying about whether or not they're being completely honest. And when you reach that point, it's a beautiful thing.


They Talk Before Jumping To Conclusions

An article from Very Well noted that more often than not, conclusions are based on fear and not actual facts, leading you to project negativity that may not actually be there. Instead, a healthy and trusting couple will bring up their concerns with each other first, clearing the air before jumping to the worst.


They Don't Snoop

According to CNN, a 2013 study in the UK found that 34 percent of women and almost twice that many men admitted to snooping through their partner's phone at some point in their relationship. Admittedly, the temptation can be huge, especially when you suspect something is up. But one of the signs of trust is choosing to confront your partner other than invade their privacy.


They Give Each Other Space

And not in a "let's take a break" kind of way. Giving each other space to pursue their own passions or hang out with friends alone is huge for building trust.


They Don't Hold Grudges Over Past Mistakes

In other words, they forgive. And move on. According to the Mayo Clinic, the benefits of forgiving go further than just improving relationships. It will help alleviate stress, improve your immune system, lower your anxiety and blood pressure, and improve the quality of your relationship.


They Treat Other People Well

How people speak and treat others speaks volumes about their character. If your partner is kind to others, you can most likely trust that, more often than not, they'll be the same way to you.


They're Honest About The Little Things

If you can't trust someone about the tiny things, how can you trust them in bigger ways? An article from The Greatist noted how frequent liars, even just "little white lies," can do irreparable damage in your partner's ability to trust you.


They're Transparent About Their Struggles

Instead of trying to hide something they feel ashamed about or struggle with, a trusting couple will "air their dirty laundry" and work with each other instead of against.


They Apologize Often

According to a piece from the University of North Carolina, the power of an apology is huge. It can mend the hurt from past mistakes, and connect the two of you when you feel distant.


They Keep Eye Contact When Talking

Eye contact isn't just important for public speaking, it's huge for relationships as well. A piece from INC stated that eye contact makes you concentrate on the conversation, helps your "audience" believe you, and helps them feel more valued by you.


They Follow Through

Does your partner say something, and then actually do it? That's called follow-through and it's huge for trust. If you can't trust them to show up when they say they will or paint the house or have something ready by a certain time, how can you trust them with the big things? Luckily, follow-through is a good indicator that you can trust them overall.


They Can Control Their Emotions

Regardless of the emotion, it's important to be able to know that your partner isn't reacting out of emotion, or that they'll at least calm down enough before confronting you about a problem.