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Fans Aren't Happy With Yamen's Trifling On 'Love Island'

From the very first coupling ceremony of the season, Yamen and Alana seemed to be one of the most promising couples on Love Island. But when Christen arrived, Yamen dumped Alana, and paired up with the newbie. Watching Alana get heartbroken was difficult, and these tweets about Yamen from Love Island prove how much his betrayal triggered fans.

From the very beginning, Alana came across as one of the show’s most genuine players. She revealed that she had never been in a relationship before, and was excited to test things out with Yamen when she was coupled with him. Alana’s feelings for Yamen seemed to be real, and she was always kind, affectionate and loving towards him when they were together.

Initially, Yamen was taken back by Alana’s lack of relationship experience, but over time, he started to warm up to her. At one point on the show, he confesses to Alana that he’s happy with both her and the pace of their relationship. “I feel like you’ve grown a lot since you’ve been here,” Yamen says. “And I don’t know, I really like the way things are heading. And I enjoy hanging out with you, I enjoy cuddling with you — I’m really having a good time with you. I feel like it’s 100 percent genuine and it’s real.”

But things changed when Christen showed up on the island and made a move on Yamen. Yamen was reluctant to pursue her at first, but later, when talking to the guys, he admitted that he felt like Alana was taking things too slow, and that Christen was more his speed. Fans pointed out that Yamen was really the one taking things slow, and that he was pushing Alana away when she showed affection.

Fans were shocked when Yamen ultimately chose Christen over Alana in the recoupling ceremony. While Alana is packing up her things to leave the island, Yamen goes to her to tell her that he dumped her because she wasn’t “gelling perfectly” with him, and that Christen fits his life “a little bit better.” This reasoning didn’t sit well with viewers.

Alana had to leave the island, and fans were furious at Yamen for betraying her and sending her home.

Some felt that he had just led Alana on so he could stay on the island. He never really showed reciprocal affection towards her, and many think he should have been more honest with her.

Soon after Yamen dumped Alana, viewers took to Twitter with the hashtag #sendYamenhome, and expressed their wishes to see him booted off the island.

In the most recent episode, Christen complained about having an awkward kiss with Yamen, which infuriated fans even more. Eventually, fans voted to have both Yamen and Christen booted from the show, but the guys decided to save Yamen, who was left teary-eyed upon Christen’s departure. Some fans felt like the whole situation was karma.

Fans are not happy with Yamen, and unless he redeems himself in some miraculous way, he’ll probably be put up for elimination once again. New episodes of Love Island air weeknights at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.