11 Maintenance Sex Positions That'll Spice Up Your Relationship

When you've been in a relationship for a certain amount of time, you occasionally go along with sex because your partner instigates it. Not because you're feeling particularly sexy or because it was on your mind, but because your partner wants to have sex. You might've heard this phenomenon called "duty sex" or "maintenance sex." And while maintenance sex has a reputation for being a little bit lackluster, it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of maintenance sex positions that'll spice up your relationship, and take your so-called maintenance sex to the next level. Because if you're going to be having sex, even if you're not particularly into it when it's initiated, you ought to be enjoying it by the time you're in the throes of a climax.

Of course, you could deny your partner sex when you don't feel like having it — that's absolutely your right to do so. But there's a good chance that in order for your relationship to succeed, you and your partner will both have to make some compromises. And sooner or later, this includes getting yourself in the mood for your partner. Your desires won't always align with your partners, and neither will your libido.

So if you and your partner are of the mind that sex is an important part of your relationship, chances are good that you'll wind up having maintenance sex at least some of the time. And even though it might not start out as a super sexy rendezvous, with the addition of some of these positions your maintenance sex has the possibility of becoming a little less maintenance, and a lot more mind blowing.


Anywhere But The Bedroom

OK, so this first one's not position specific. But if your partner's getting a little handsy with you in the kitchen or in the shower, why not jump on board right where you are? According to Redbook, having sex outside of the bedroom is the perfect way to spice up any session, even if you're doing it just to appease your partner. Who knows, you might find that your sex doesn't feel like a duty when you're fooling around in the living room with the curtains open.


The Lying Dog

Rather than kneeling, Marie Claire recommended lying facedown on the bed with your legs spread for this variation on doggy style. Your partner lies down on your back and penetrates you from behind. You get to stay laying down, but you might just find that from this angle, the position might be low-maintenance, but the result can take you to the next level.


The Golden Gate

Rather than relying on missionary time and time again, Redbook recommended bringing a little something extra to your run of the mill missionary the next time your partner's on top. Raise your legs and drape them over your partner's shoulders so your knees are on either side of your partner's head, and prepare for the glory of thrusting. It's pretty effortless for your partner in this position, so it's sure to please and get the job done.


Side By Side

Sometimes you're spooning and your partner wants to take things to the next level. The good news is, you don't even have to change positions to humor your partner here. Just disrobe, and grind your body against your partner, bending at the waist slightly. According to Marie Claire, this side by side sex position is perfect for reaching around to fondle your partner while they're thrusting in and out of you. Double whammy.


The One Lane Highway

This might be the easiest way to take your missionary sex up a notch, according to Redbook. Once your partner is inside of you, squeeze your legs together so that your partner's thighs are straddling yours. This creates a pretty snug fit that will not only make your vagina feel tighter, but his penis feel bigger. The friction that you can create simply by squeezing your legs together can be majorly beneficial for both you and your partner.


Modified Missionary

Because sometimes you can't be pressed to do much more than participate, the next time you're getting it on in the missionary position, have your partner place a pillow under your backside to give you a little bit of lift. And once you're into it, Marie Claire recommended sitting up halfway, lifting your buns up, and leaning backward for an even better effect.


The Leap Frog

Rather than just letting your partner take you from behind in your traditional doggy style, why not modify doggy style to go the extra mile? Women's Health called this position the Leap Frog, and once you try it out you'll understand why. Get on your hands and knees just the way you would for traditional doggy style, but rather than keeping your torso lifted up with your arms, rest your head and arms on the bed. It gives your partner a chance to penetrate you more deeply, and frees up your hands so you can stimulate yourself while getting busy.


The Reverse Scoop

Without disengaging, the next time you're in missionary position, turn together so that you're both lying on your sides. Women's Health called this the Reverse Scoop, and recommended intertwining your legs together while pressing your bodies together. Bonus? Major eye contact.


The One-Legged Stork

While you're lying on your back, raise one leg and rest it on your partner's torso while keeping the other flat on the bed. Redbook recommended this for easy thrusting, and for manual stimulation. A little leg lift, and a lot of payoff.


The Champagne Room

While sitting down, you sit in your partner's lap, facing away. According to Women's Health, this is a great position for when you're just getting revved up, because it helps you control the pace and the intensity of the thrusts. You can also try this number on the stairs, on the sofa, or even on the edge of the tub if you're feeling a little adventurous.


The Amazing Arc

With you on top, changing the position of your legs can bring you major results, according to Redbook. Rather than straddling his torso, which is kind of the norm when you're on top, slide your legs down so that they're stradding his thighs. Then, when you're comfortable, arch your back. The arch is key here, because it puts maximum pressure on your clitoral area. You'll be extra satisfied with a simple bend of your body.