11 Matzo Recipes To Make Passover That Much Better

Passover is approaching and that means nothing other than an overflow of matzo everywhere. Although I'm not Jewish myself, my former boss was, and matzo was something she indulged in during the Passover holiday. Come to think of it, she ate matzo on more than just that occasion. I was first introduced to matzo through her and though it's not the tastiest to me by itself, finding matzo recipes for Passover that I could try has given me a new outlook on it.

Matzo, which is interchangeably spelled matza, matzah, or matzoh, is an unleavened flatbread that is custom to Jewish cuisine. Since I am Christian and partake in a fast known as the Daniel Fast at least once a year (sometimes two or three), the only type of bread I can eat — if any — is unleavened. That's where matzo comes into play. While Passover isn't my time of year to indulge in matzo, making sure that I have all the recipes possible for when the time comes to insert it into my diet is a big deal.

Whether you're looking to change up your regular menu for Passover, try something new for your Daniel Fast, or just wanting to see what the hype is about, these 11 matzo recipes will give you everything you need to get the party started.


Vegetarian Matzoh Ball Soup

Matzoh ball soup can be a favorite for anyone who celebrates Passover, but if you're looking for a more healthier alternative this year, try Big Girl Small Kitchen's recipe for vegetarian matzoh ball soup.


Gluten-Free Matzoh With Onion, Garlic, And Dill

If you're a gluten-free type of gal, Cara's Cravings has the perfect recipe for gluten-free matzoh with onion, garlic, and dill that's sure to get you ready for Passover.


Passover Brownies

Instead of heading to the store to pick up the Manischewitz box of brownie mix for Passover this year, try making Couldn't Be Parve's Passover brownies instead.


Mom's Matzoh Balls

While eating matzoh balls is usually held for Passover, Big Girl Small Kitchen's recipe for mom's matzoh balls will have you making these all year round.


Picadillo Stuffed Matzoh Balls

Cara's Cravings is surely a go-to when it comes to finding deliciously put-together recipes, and after trying this one for Picadillo stuffed matzoh balls, you'll understand why.


Matzo Ball Soup With Chicken Meatballs And Homemade Chicken Broth

Passover isn't the same unless there's matzoh ball soup. Adding a little spin on the traditional recipe, Foodie Crush's matzo ball soup with chicken meatballs and homemade chicken broth will excite even the most bland taste buds.


Brisket And Matzo Breakfast Bruschetta With Soft Scrambled Eggs

If you're looking for a new and tasty way to incorporate matzo into your breakfast routine, The Crepes of Wrath has the perfect recipe for you with their brisket and matzo breakfast bruschetta with soft scrambled eggs.


Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

While chocolate and nut based desserts usually run the throne during Passover, Couldn't Be Parve's strawberry rhubarb crisp is a great fill in if you're looking for a new taste for your palate this time around.


Spiced Lamb and Eggplant Matzoh Crepes

Sometimes, you have to throw caution to the wind and indulge in the good things in life. Cara's Cravings recipe for spiced lamb and eggplant matzoh crepes is definitely one of those good things to do it for.


Magic Matzo Chocolate Bars

Ruler of desserts for Passover, this sweet (and easy) recipe for 5 ingredient magic matzo chocolate bars from Half Baked Harvest will be your first draft pick every year.


Homemade Matzo With Goat Cheese & Jam

Ready to test out your matzo making skills? The Crepes of Wrath's homemade matzo with goat cheese and jam recipe is here to help. Trust me, it's worth the dirtying of a few dishes.