11 Hilarious Memes About Pumping To Get You Through Today

Being a mom that pumps breast milk can be extremely empowering, but taxing AF. Not only are you responsible for feeding another human life, you're also in charge of cleaning and maintaining all of the parts. However you feed your human it's a commitment, and one that can be convenient and empowering as much as it is exhausting. Thankfully there are memes about pumping to "pump" you up and make you laugh during what can be a typically stressful situation.

I pumped with both of my babies, because breastfeeding wasn't working for me. Both of my babies had low-birth weights, and a previous breast surgery rendered the situation to be very challenging. When the pressure to breastfeed and not perform became too emotionally burdensome, I stopped and opted to pump instead. As a mom who worked in and outside of the home, with the aforementioned hurdles, I found pumping to be quite liberating. That doesn't mean I was totally without hardship though.

As mentioned, pumping has its challenges too and sometimes you just need another person to relate to you or make you laugh to help you get through it. Here are 11 memes about pumping that are all too real.


Tears Will Be Shed

Spilling liquid gold can break your heart (and cause you to have mini break-downs).


Crying Can Turn Into Anger

When tears aren't enough to capture your sadness, losing your sh*t is totally fine too.


There Are So Many Parts To Clean

If someone offers to clean the 5,971 parts to your pump you feel like you hit the jackpot.


The Pumping Noise Sounds Like Talking

When you pump so much you start to feel like the machine is talking to you.


The Boob Noise Is Bizarre Too

The boob flatulence struggle is real.


You Feel Like A Cow

Being hooked up to a pump can make you feel like a cow in a barn that's getting milked.


Your Time Is Mostly Spent Pumping

Literally, it just feels like all you do is pump.


Sleep Isn't Even Happening

When sleep is taking a backseat to pumping you know you've entered that #pumplife


You'll Forget Things

So many pump parts, so little sleep.


You Might Be Doing It All

"Having it all" can feel a lot like "doing it all."


You'll Hear A Lot Of Opinions

People will tell you this about breastfeeding and that about pumping. They will tell you this about formula-feeding and that about bottle-feeding. Ignore them all and just surround yourself with a good support system.

In the end, doing what's best for you and your baby is the only "best" that matters.