11 Memorable Date Ideas That Go Way Beyond Dinner & A Drink


When you first fall in love with someone, you can't get enough of them. The time between dates can feel like an eternity, and even a walk in the park can give you goosebumps. But after you've been with your partner for a while, most of the romance may have deflated from your relationship — especially if you have kids at home. What used to be Friday night dinner at a trendy new restaurant has now become pizza and Dateline in your living room. But there are memorable date ideas that go way beyond dinner and a drink that you can pull off without a lot of money or effort.

You don't have to be a hopeless romantic to plan a great date. With a little creativity and a sense of adventure, you can find simple ways to add spice to your relationship. More than anything, a good date is all about having fun with your partner.

So throw on some mascara, your favorite pair of jeans, and call a sitter. Give the pizza delivery guy the night off and try one of the date ideas on this list. You may have so much that you want to do it again next weekend.

1Go To A Carnival


Bring out the kid in each of you by hitting up a carnival in your area. Roller coasters are a great excuse to get close, and if you're lucky, you might even win a prize.

2Take Dance Lessons


Nothing is sexier than a romantic dance. Sign up for a lesson at a local dance school and get ready to salsa.

3Have A Spa Day


You probably both could use a little relaxation, so why not book an appointment for a couple's massage or a mani-pedi? If you've got the time, you can spend the entire day getting pampered from head to toe.

4Take A Cooking Class


If you're tired of meatloaf Mondays, try taking a cooking class with your mate. Learn to make a new dish that you can throw into the mix. Then test out your cooking skills with a romantic dinner at home.

5Visit a Jazz Club


Recreate a scene from one of those old romantic movies by taking your partner to a dark, smoky jazz club. Most cities have great clubs that are relatively inexpensive and feature performances by amazing musicians.

6Enjoy A Wine Tasting


Put down that go-to bottle of Chardonnay and sample some new vino. Many wine shops and restaurants offer wine tastings that will introduce you to different varieties.

7Have A Picnic


On a sunny day, trying packing a basket of fruit, cheese, (and maybe even a little chocolate) and head out to your local park. You'll have a great time getting cozy on your blanket.

8Hit The Beach


Soak up some sun with your boo by taking a trip to the beach. Seeing them in a bathing suit may cause you to do a double take.

9Visit A Museum


Whether you're into art, history, or science, most cities have great museums to offer. If you're on a budget, find out which days offer free admission.

10Take In A View From Above


Hit a rooftop bar or restaurant at sunset for a romantic aerial view of the city.

11Go For A Bike Ride


Take a romantic bike ride around town. Find a nice bike path in a park or along a waterfront and enjoy the view.