11 Most Unique Baby Boy Names Of 2017 (That You've Probably Never Heard Of)

For many parents, picking out a name is the most difficult part of preparing for the arrival of a new baby. After all, most people keep their names for a lifetime, so it only makes sense that a lot of thought would go into this decision. For a fresh take on some baby monikers, this list of the most unique boys names of 2017 that you've probably never heard of may offer some inspiration.

Recently, Baby Center just released their list of the most unique baby names of 2017, which collected data from over 500,000 parents who had babies in 2017, and is a compilation of the most infrequently used names (under 100 babies per name) from the year. Surprisingly, this list even includes some familiar and classic names, like Dustin and Dennis, as well as the expected, uncommon monikers. If you are looking for what to call your own baby boy who is on the way, and want to ensure that your kid will most likely be the only one in his class with his particular moniker, check out this list of names and their origins. Under-the-radar names may not be the "safest" or the most common, but they are not any less special.



Sometimes it's fun to go old-school for name inspiration. Anton is a variation of the Roman family name Antonius, similar to the popular name Anthony. According to Behind the Name, the popularity of the name Anton in the United States has declined steadily since the late 1800s, which makes it a great choice for parents who like sophisticated names with plenty of history behind it.



Parents who like classical mythology will appreciate the name Ares. The Greek god of war, Ares was a powerful figure in the world of Mount Olympus. Ares was also the son of Zeus and Hera, which is pretty cool parental lineage if you ask me.



This is another excellent name with historical significance. Axton is a name that refers to a swordsman's stone, according to She Knows. (Maybe it started out as "axe-stone" and was shortened from there?) Whatever the case, it's a rare but respectable name for any baby.



This is such a simple and beautiful name, I'm surprised it isn't more common. According to Baby Name Wizard, the name Cade may reference a cask or barrel. There is also a popular part of The Great Smokey Mountains National Park named Cade's Cove.



Edwin offers a neat spin on the more common names of Edward or Edmund. Although Edwin has appeared on popular names lists as long as these lists have been recorded, it's never been overpoweringly popular. Chances are, your kid won't encounter too many other Edwins on the playground.



For a unique name with a Biblical history, Hezekiah is perfect. According to Behind the Name, Hezekiah is a Hebrew name that means Yahweh strengthens. Plus, it sounds amazing when spoken aloud.



For a beautiful-sounding, totally unique name, look no further than Makai. The name Makai may originate from a Hawaiian word for the sea, but its exact history is not known, according to Oh Baby Names. Whatever its origins, the name is gorgeous and uncommon.



For a name with royal connections, consider Nikolai. According to Behind the Name, Nikolai is a Russian or Bulgarian variant of the name Nicholas. It's a fantastic variation of it's more popular counterpart.



Many trends come and go in cycles, and it looks like baby names are no different. In 1880, the name Otto was one of the top 100 baby names in the U.S., but its popularity steadily dropped until the mid-1970s, according to Nameberry. In recent years the name has regained popularity, and the name saw a sharp spike in interest from 2011 onward, as further noted by Nameberry.



This is another gorgeous but underutilized name. According to Behind The Name, Rhys is a Welsh name meaning enthusiasm. It's the perfect moniker for an active kid.



For a name that's regal as can be, look no further than Thaddeus. According to Baby Center, Thaddeus is a Greek name that means Gift of God. It's another unique Biblical name that feels right at home in 2017.

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