11 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts Toddlers Can Give

To say motherhood is hard is an understatement. It's a job that requires you to be on your A game 24-7, and work for a boss who often has no problem screaming orders at you. Which is why Mother's Day is the perfect time to let that special lady know exactly how much you love and appreciate her. But picking a gift isn't always easy for a child who is just learning to speak. This is why you may need some ideas for Mother's Day gifts from toddlers to make sure she is getting something she deserves.

When you're caring for a toddler, you rarely have time to do anything for yourself. Mother's Day is a great opportunity to put mom first for a change. Bath salts, comfy clothes, and coffee mugs are simple, inexpensive ways to help her enjoy some of her favorite things. And if you prefer to DIY, you can let your toddler put his creativity to work to create a special homemade gift that mom will surely treasure.

This Mother's Day, show the toddler mom in your life how much she means to you. And if you really want to make her Mother's Day the best, let her sleep in a few extra hours.


Mommy And Me Tees

Mommy And Me Best Friend T-Shirt Set, $44, Etsy

Mommy and Me Best Friend t-shirt set ($44) from Etsy is an adorable way for toddlers to show their love for their moms. Don't miss your opportunity to give this gift now, because in a few years, there's no way you'll ever be able to get your kid to wear a matching shirt with his mom.


Fizzy Bath Bombs

Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set, $20, Amazon

Moms barely have time to shower, let alone take a bath. But you can give her a special sweet-smelling treat with a bath bomb gift set ($20) from Amazon that is 100 percent natural and made with essential oils that will leave her feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Tea Drop Sampler

Tea Drop Sampler, $34, Uncommon Goods

Make tea time a lot easier for a busy toddler mom with this tea drop sampler ($34) from Uncommon Goods. Just add the drops, which include tea, spices, and sugar to a cup of hot water and enjoy an organic cup of tea, even when she's on the go.


Kid Art T-Shirt

Personalized V-Neck T-Shirt, $40, Etsy

Your toddler likely creates countless drawings, and there's no way to save every single one. You can turn one of your little one's masterpieces into something wearable with this personalized V-neck t-shirt ($40) from Etsy.


Wooden Photo Frame

Wooden Picture Frame, $20, Amazon

Your toddler won't be little forever. A wooden picture frame ($20) from Amazon will let the mom in your life keep her favorite photos of her little one in a special place.


Wine Soap

Wine Soaps, $28, Uncommon Goods

What mom wouldn't want to shower with Chardonnay? Wine soaps ($28) from Uncommon Goods are all-natural vegan and include a fragrant blend of essential oils, cocoa butter, and Mom's favorite wine.


DIY Painted Jar

Turn an ordinary mason jar into a decorative desk accessory with this handmade painted jar from Meatloaf and Melodrama. Let the kids go crazy with paint to come up with a special design that their mom will love.


Essential Oil Humidifier

Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier, $18, Amazon

Moms of toddlers have little time to relax, but this Mother's Day, you can give her a little help. The essential oil cool mist humidifier ($18) from Amazon, will allow Mom to have calm, fresh-smelling air in her office, or any room of the house.


Wood Photo

Photo On Wood, $24, Etsy

With a photo on wood ($24) from Etsy you can turn one of Mom's favorite photos into a wonderful work of art that can be a great addition to any room.


DIY Jewelry Box

Give Mom a pretty place to keep all of her favorite accessories with this decoupage jewelry box from Mod Podge Rocks. Let your little one help paint and glue all of the pretty prints, and turn an ordinary wooden box into a cool keepsake.


Mommy Mug

Mom Coffee Mug, $15, Etsy

When you have a toddler, coffee is basically the fuel that gets you through the day. A Mom coffee mug ($15) from Etsy will make her think of her kiddo every time she pours herself a cup of Joe — if she doesn't already.