11 Sweet Mother's Day Gifts For Your Pregnant Daughter That Will Totally Make Her Smile

by Emily Westbrooks

Despite the fact that my daughter is only a toddler, I can already imagine how emotional and sentimental I'll be if and when she's pregnant. I know I'll be wracking my brain to find the perfect Mother's Day gift that will make her feel loved, relaxed, or just a little less stressed as she grows me a grandchild! If you're on the hunt for the right Mother's Day gift for your pregnant daughter that will make her smile, look no further. Here's the only list you need.

Whether you find a lovely monogrammed baby book for her to record all the details of her pregnancy, or sign her up for a meal service so she can feel a little spoiled during the last months of her pregnancy, you'll find something in this list that is sure to make your daughter feel your love on Mother's Day. Most women, no matter how old they are, still want to feel nurtured by their own mom, especially when they're undertaking such a big project as pregnancy. I know I'd probably be thrilled if my mom did something as simple as make me my favorite meal and fold the laundry that's been sitting in the corner of the bedroom for a week!

But barring lasagna and clean socks, any of these ideas for Mother's Day gifts will surely be well received.


A Baby Book

Moire Baby Memory Book ($100, My Baby Pie)

The baby book is one of those very special traditions that some moms partake in. If you put one together when you were pregnant, bring it with you when you give this gift to your daughter so you can take a walk down memory lane before she starts filling in her own book.


A Photo Of The Two Of You

Matte black frames (from $35 each, Crate & Barrel)

A photo of the two of you from the time she was a baby is a thoughtful and sentimental gift, especially since she's about to be in your position.


A Gift Certificate For Maternity Clothes

Amira caftan ($298, Hatch Collection)

I find buying clothes for other people impossible, but it can be a really generous and thoughtful gift to give someone the opportunity to choose a few nice things for themselves that they might not otherwise. A brand like Hatch is designed to make a pregnant woman feel chic during pregnancy and then to help in that postpartum transition phase afterward.


That Fab Diaper Bag She's Been Eying

Ally Faux Leather Diaper Bag ($90, Nordstrom)

I really enjoyed having my mom give me something I knew I'd use every day, so that even though she was far away, it was almost like she was helping me every time I dug into my diaper bag!


A Pretty Robe

Floral Trim robe ($46, Pink Blush Maternity)

Giving your daughter something that will make her feel a little fancy, even in the most mundane moments, like getting up to pee 18 times a night. This pretty lightweight robe will make her feel loved for sure.


A Spa Date

Many moms and daughters just don't get a lot of time together, so spending a few hours at the spa during her pregnancy, making sure she feels pampered and relaxed, can be a great gift. Just remember to keep the potentially stressful questions to a minimum while you're there!


A Meal Service

Meal service plan (from $22 per meal, Sun Basket)

If you don't live around the corner from your daughter, you can't very well pop in with a lasagna whenever you feel like it, but you can help take away some of the stress of cooking by setting her up with a meal service subscription or a gift certificate to one. She and her partner can choose when to receive them so they'll be most helpful in making their lives easier.


Babysitting Her Other Kids

If your daughter already has kids, one of the most appreciated gifts you could give her is taking her other kids for a few hours so she can nest or nap or both. Or if she's giving birth soon, consider an IOU for babysitting once she gives birth and needs to recover after those long nights in the early days.


A Birthstone Bracelet She Can Add To

Charm bracelet (from $32, Alex and Ani)

Start her off a sweet little charm bracelet with your birthstone and hers. You can add your future granchild's birthstone as well, if you're close enough to the month when he or she is going to be born that you don't risk getting it wrong if she has an early delivery.


A Surprise Baby Shower

Depending on your daughter's personality, a surprise baby shower might be a total Mother's Day hit! This will work best as a gift if your daughter loves surprises and if you have the inside scoop with her close friends to make sure you can have a crowd there she'll enjoy as well.


A Mocktail Or Two

Preggatinis: Mixology For The Mom-To-Be ($14, Amazon)

If your daughter usually likes a strong cocktail, try to give her the next best thing with a mocktail she wouldn't bother making herself but that will totally make her feel loved.

Bonus points if you whip one up for her while you're there.

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