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11 Names All '90s Cool Girls Wished They Had

The highlight of my childhood was watching TV and wishing that one day, I too could be as cool as them. Though my coolness came many years later and not in the form of being a famous TV star, back then there was no way anyone could tell me that I wasn't at least just a pinch of cool. I've always loved my first name (even though people have always had trouble pronouncing it), but there were so many other cool names every '90s girl wanted, and I too would have opted for had I had the opportunity to change mine.

Whether you were a fan of the seasonal names like Summer or preferred names like Rose, every '90s girl had that one name that they wish could've been theirs. I switched around a few times depending on what year it was and what shows were on. I remember wanting my name to be both Tia and Tamera for a while, and then Gina and Pam. It just depended on what I was into at the time. The '90s was just an all-around great decade for everything, names included.

Need a little refresher of just how cool it was? These 11 '90s cool girl names will take you back and remind you just why you wanted to change your name back in your heyday.



Aside from the fact that Cher was the main character's name in one of the best movies to come from the '90s, Baby Names cites its French meaning as "dear one".



While Mayim was such a cool name to want, it was her character's name from the early '90s TV show that had all the girls going crazy. Not only was Blossom so free-spirited and carefree, but the name means "fresh," and what's a cooler way to describe yourself than that?



It wasn't until seeing The Craft and Scream that I realized how cool the name Neve really was. Simply meaning "snow," Neve derives from the Irish name Niahm.



Though Drew is a shorthand version of the regularly masculine name Andrew, actress Drew Barrymore made it super sexy to have a guy's name. I mean, how fitting is it to say that your name means "wise?"



If you were a watcher of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then at one point or another, you wished your name was Hilary. With a meaning of "cheerful," there's no wonder why they chose to give the often ditzy and gleeful character that particular name.



Derived from the Germanic word Clarice, which is derived from the Latin word Clarus, Clarissa means "bright and clear." What better name for your little girl?



I was a big fan of the teenage friendly series The Secret World of Alex Mack and its leading lady. A gender-neutral name, Alex means "defender or helper of mankind." If you're familiar with "Alex Mack" (if you're not, I won't spoil it too much), this name was perfect for what she accomplished.



A beautiful name that rolls of the tongue, Alicia means "noble." The royalty is probably why so many '90s girls wanted this moniker.



Another awesome name from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Ashley was a pretty popular name in the '90s, but that didn't keep girls from wanting it to be their moniker.



While it may have been Rick Springfield's famous hit "Jessie's Girl" that made the name popular, it was Saved by the Bell that turned Jessie into a go-to name for the gals. Meaning wealthy, Jessie was coveted by all the cool girls.



The Americanized version of the Greek word Dione, Dionne takes on the meaning of the word "divine."