11 Names For Twin Girls That Pack A Ton Of Personality

Just when you thought pregnancy couldn't get any more mind-blowing, you find out that you're having twins! Double the...well, everything. Besides having to own two cribs, buy twice the amount of diapers and learn how to function without both of your arms, now comes the added task of naming two humans at once— talk about pressure. Deciding on baby names for twin girls can be tricky. You don't want them to be so similar that their unique identity is lost in the name, but you probably wan't them to sound close enough that people can tell they're twins (just in case their looks won't do the trick already.) Or maybe you're looking for two names that sound completely different but have similar history or meanings.

Either way, you've come to the right place because these next 11 name combinations are bound to give you some much needed inspiration and maybe even save you some time in your hunt for the perfect pair of names for your little bundles. With everything from classic, to sing-songy, to short and sweet, to gender-neutral, these names are packed with personality, depth, history and originality— there's bound to be the perfect moniker for your twins.


Evelyn And Eleanor

Two old-timey but beautiful names, Evelyn means wished for a child and Eleanor, though the meaning is unknown, has enough substance and class to spare and would both be great choices for your little ladies.


Addison And Avery

If you're looking for gender-neutral options, these two quirky names are quickly gaining momentum for baby girls.


Lacey And Lucy

These two happy-go-lucky names are as cute as they are upbeat. Lacey is an English name meaning from lassy and Lucy means light.


Harper And Hadley

Another set of unique names with an antique feel. Harper means one who plays the harp and Hadley means heather field. Despite having slightly obscure meanings, these names would be a great gender-neutral choice.


Elodie And Ember

These two musical sounding names with unexpected meanings would make a great pair that doesn't sound exactly alike. Elodie means foreign riches and Ember means glowing or amber.


Shyla And Sophie

Shyla's Hindi origins (meaning daughter of the mountain) gives the name a mysterious feel that perfectly compliments the more well known Sophie, which means wisdom.


Isabella And Olivia

Always classic with a European feel, Isabella means pledged to God and Olivia is the Latin word for olive tree. These names are similar, but just different enough to set them apart.


Ava And Ivy

Two short and sweet choices with a slightly natural sound. Ava means life and Ivy comes from the beautiful vine-like plant it's named for.


Zoe And Mia

Another set of names that is different but slightly similar and won't have your twins feeling like the same person. Zoe means life and Mia means mine.


Jade And Joy

These two "J" names have self explanatory meanings and sound just similar enough to bind them together, but not so similar that you can't tell them apart.


Elizabeth And Emma

Both of these classic names that make appearances in Jane Austen novels would be an adorable throw back to older times with a combination of an antiquated name with a more common one. Elizabeth means pledged to God and Emma means universal.

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