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Here Are 11 New Netflix Shows You Can Add To Your Queue This Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and along with the sunny weather and budding blooms, you can expect to see some fresh new content coming to Netflix. The streamer has put out some of the most popular series in recent years, and viewers have been anxiously waiting to add new stuff to their queue. If you’re ready to dive into something new this spring, check out all the Netflix original shows coming in April.

There’s no doubt that the emergence of streaming platforms like Netflix, the TV watching experience has drastically changed. Not only are viewers exposed to exciting original content, they are allowed to watch entire seasons on demand at their own pace. With series like House of Cards, Stranger Things, and The Crown, Netflix has cemented itself as the go-to platform for good TV, which is why fans are always looking forward to what comes next.

Viewers can expect to see new Netflix series drop in April, as well catching new seasons of their original shows. If you’re ready to fire up your watch list, here’s a sneak peek of all the new series coming to the streamer next month.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 (Apr. 5)

Fans who have been patiently waiting to see Sabrina fully embrace her witchy side will get their wish when the second half of Season 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hits Netflix on Apr. 5.


Our Planet (Apr. 5)

From the creators of Planet Earth, Our Planet is an eight-part series narrated by Sir David Attenborough that explores the world’s natural wonders. With its stunning photography and technology, the series covers animal habitats and ecosystems from 50 different countries, going from jungle to ocean to capture the planet’s awe inspiring wilderness. Our Planet premieres Friday, Apr. 5.


Spirit Riding Free Season 8 (Apr. 5)

Dreamworks animated series, Spirit Riding Free, tells the story of a young girl named Lucky who finds friendship with a wild horse named Spirit when she goes away to boarding school. The eighth and final season of Spirit Riding Free premieres on Friday, Apr. 5.


Roman Empire: Season 3

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Season 3 of Roman Empire, which premieres Friday, Apr. 5, follows the rise of Caligula and his infamously depraved rule of Rome.


Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 6 (Apr. 9)

Season 6 of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! premieres on Tuesday, Apr. 9. In the new season, your favorite singing and dancing trolls will end up facing a day without a holiday, Biggie will accidentally start an exciting new dance craze, and Guy will transform a camping trip into a "glamping" trip.


You Vs. Wild (Apr. 10)

Get ready to join Bear Grylls on an adventure with You Vs. Wild, an interactive series that lets viewers help Grylls make key survival decisions as he fights to complete missions in the harshest environments on Earth. You Vs. Wild premieres on Wednesday, Apr. 10.


Black Summer (Apr. 11)

Set in the universe of Z Nation, Black Summer is a new Netflix series that centers around the early days of a zombie apocalypse, where complete strangers come together to survive. Black Summer premieres on Monday, Apr. 11.


No Good Nick (Apr. 15)

Starring Melissa Joan Heart and Sean Astin, No Good Nick follows 13-year-old Nicole, a young woman who intends to get revenge on a family for ruining her life. As she infiltrates the brood, she gets to know them, and reconsiders her plans for vengeance. No Good Nick premieres on Monday, Apr. 15.


Cuckoo: Season 5 (Apr. 19)

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The laughs are back in Season 5 of Cuckoo, a comedy that follows a British family while they tackle a cast of American characters, including a woman named Ivy (Andie McDowell) who has sinister plans. Season 5 of Cuckoo premieres on Apr. 19.


Chambers (Apr. 26)

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Starring Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn, Chambers tells the story of a young heart attack survivor who gets obsessed with the mysterious circumstances that provided her with a new heart. Chambers premieres on Apr. 26.


Street Food (Apr. 26)


From the creators of Chef’s Table, Street Food is a new show for foodies that highlights the rich culture of street food all over the world. Street Food premieres on Apr. 26.

Luckily, with so much fascinating content coming to Netflix in April, you’ll have a lot more than great weather to look forward to this spring.