11 Netflix Shows To Help You Fall Asleep, Since You Already Know What's Going To Happen

If it's late at night and you're looking for shows to watch when you can't fall asleep, there are certain shows you should never put on. Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. These shows are high-intensity, complex, and kind of scary. They won't calm your breath and lull you off into dreamland — they'll get your mind racing and your heart pumping, and have you staying up until sunrise to see what happens next.

If sleep is your main goal when you turn on the TV, you're better off watching an easy comedy. Even better if you pick one that you already know by heart, so you won't feel the need to stay awake for every punchline. This way, you can start to snooze to the sounds of your favorite characters and a laugh track.

Since Netflix streaming effortlessly takes you from episode to episode, it's the perfect choice for bedtime. You won't have to wake yourself from half-sleep to start the next installment. Plus, Netflix has a great selection of fun programming that can be totally mindless. These are the shows you don't have to fully engage in to enjoy, that don't require remembering ever piece of dialogue the main character utters. The ones you've watched a thousand times, and are totally happy to watch again. Here's a selection of 11 of the best shows to ease you off to sleep.



You already know the important jokes — unagi, moo point, "Baby Got Back" — so you'll be able to zone out and doze off no problem. Just make sure you don't watch any of the episodes where Ross and Rachel are in the throws of romantic problems, because no matter how many times you've seen them, they'll still keep you on the edge of your seat (er, bed.)


'The Office'

Watching the entire series of The Office for the 14th time? I applaud you. Catch up with Jim, Pam, Dwight and Michael when you cuddle up to sleep.


'Parks And Recreation'

Leslie Knope's unfaltering positivity is the lullaby we all need.


'That '70s Show'

The characters on this show smoke a lot of grass, which some people find very relaxing. So perhaps, through the transitive property, this show will relax you right to sleep.


'30 Rock'

If Tina Fey's voice is the last thing you hear before bed, maybe she'll be in your dreams. It'd be like a fantasy buddy-film between you and Ms. Fey.


'Saved By The Bell'

You'll love reconnecting with the Bayside High gang, and you definitely won't have to pay too close attention to the plot lines.



If you're not already a fan of Roseanne, you should absolutely start watching. She's a badass female comedian, which we totally love.


'Everybody Loves Raymond'

Family dynamics are always interesting, and in this case, highly entertaining.


'How I Met Your Mother'

You probably already know this how by heart, but it's totally worth watching again.


'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

This show basically has no plot line to follow, so it's perfect for falling asleep.


'New Girl'

It'll be like Jess, Nick, Winston and Schmidt are your roommates, too!

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